Port Harcourt: Outcome of Police investigation soon to be made public


Port Harcourt: Outcome of Police investigation soon to be made public

* PDP expresses sympathy to the family of the deseased;

* Says Tonye Cole is complicit in the events that occurred;

* Vows it will seek justice for the dead and for all Rivers people

By PHC Telegraph

The Rivers State Police Command which early in the week swung into action to unravel the root cause of the incident that led to the death of an innocent and defenseless citizen is expected to come out soon with its report. 

Street processions which began as peaceful protests early in the week had resulted in a clash between the APC and the PDP.

Following the face off which ensued, a man unfortunately lost his life on the street.

The Police which reacted shortly after the incident said through its State Commissioner, Effiong Okon that its operatives would provide a detailed report on the incident within 72 hours.

Okon explained that the force would accord appropriate priority to its ongoing investigation.

The Police, we have learnt, has extended an invitation to the embattled gubernatorial flag bearer of the APC

The Port Harcourt Telegraph understands that the disclosure of the police report, given the time that the Police Commissioner spoke to the press, is likely to take place any moment.

Meanwhile, the Peoples Democratic Party has accused the flagbearer of the APC, Arc. Tonye Cole of being the brain responsible for the calamity that has befallen the State.

The man, whose death is the subject of police investigation, was reportedly killed by an aide of the governorship candidate.

Until his untimely death, the deseased was an active member of the PDP in Rivers State.

Recall that the PDP had earlier warned that Cole appeared to be on a mission to reek havoc and cause bloodshed in Rivers State.

Somehow, shortly after that warning, which came on the heels of events that were playing out in the field, the worst happened.

A man was hit by a bullet as the APC and the PDP clashed. He died despite attempts to save his life.

Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, Director of Publicity and Communications of the PDP Campaign Council, said in a statement in Port Harcourt on Wednesday that the fear earlier expressed by his party that the defeated APC flag bearer was up to something has been confirmed at last.

The PDP regretted that as a result of what it described as Cole’s action, a defenseless citizen has been killed.

“First, our heart goes out to the family of our deseased friend and colleague who has been slain on the streets as a result of the actions of the APC and its gubernatorial candidate, Arc.Tonye Cole.

“The blood of the innocent killed on the street cries for justice, and we are satisfied that the police has launched an investigation to unravel the root causes of this unfortunate incident.

“Recall that we had earlier warned that Tonye Cole and his sponsors were on a deadly mission to cause violent unrest and place the lives of ordinary Rivers people at risk”, the PDP noted.

“Today”, the PDP’s statement made available to the press stressed, “that fear has been confirmed.

“As a law abiding political party, the PDP states categorically that it has no intention whatsoever to jeopardise the ongoing investigation of the Police.

“The Rivers State Police Command has promised that its findings will be made public in 72 hours.

“On our part, we are waiting patiently for the outcome of the investigation ordered by the Rivers State Commissioner of Police.”

It vowed to ensure that justice is done and assured that such an occurrence leading to the senseless killing of a Rivers person will not be allowed to repeat.

“While we stand with the family of the deseased at this time, the PDP assures the people that it will fight with everything in its power to ensure that the killers of a defenseless Rivers citizen are brought to book.

“Nobody is above the law and nobody has the right to take the life of another. In every civilized society, there are consequences for actions taken by individuals which infringe on the law.

“As a party, we shall fight not only for the departed, but for the rights of all law abiding Rivers people in order to ensure in future that such occurrences are not allowed to repeat”, the PDP added.

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