Governor Siminalayi Fubara was not present at the chieftaincy installation ceremony.

Fubara’s Peace Hunt In Rivers Attracts Increased National Attention

Fubara’s Peace Hunt In Rivers Attracts Increased National Attention

● Wins the Peace Advocate Award at an event organised by the Silverbird Group

By Elem Kash

Governor Siminalayi Fubara awarded the honour of the Peace Advocate of Nigeria by Silverbird

The Governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminalayi Fubara has reiterated that no sacrifice is too much to make in order to ensure that the Rivers people live in peace.

The Governor who was bestowed with the “Peace Advocate” of Nigeria Award by the Silverbird Group in Lagos stated that he was pleased that his advocacy for peace has been identified.

According to Fubara, peace remains the bedrock of all efforts designed to build trust and understanding among people.

He described  it as a veritable instrument needed to erect a more harmonious and respectful society which engenders growth, productivity and enduring  development.

Fubara thanked the Silverbird Group for the honour and expressed his resolve to pursue the path of peace in the overall interest of the nation and the people of Rivers State.

He dedicated the award to the Rivers people who are increasingly rallying behind the peace seeking administration that he leads.

Professor Ngozi Odu, Rivers State Deputy Governor,  receives the award on behalf of her boss at the Award ceremony which held in Lagos.


The Governor was represented at the award giving ceremony in Lagos by his deputy, Professor Ngozi Odu.

Speaking at the occasion, Professor Odu remarked, “I will reiterate Sir Siminalayi Fubara’s words, ‘there is no prize too  big  to pay for peace to reign in Rivers State.”

“It is gratifying and heartwarming to stand here to be honoured”, Odu noted, “His Excellency has asked me to express his profound gratitude to Silverbird Group for this great honour.

“For him, it is an honour to remember for the rest of his life. He has asked me to tell everyone that this award is dedicated to all Rivers people, in particular and to all Nigerians in general.”

Earlier, the Silverbird Group had explained why the Rivers State Governor emerged as the  Peace Advocate of Nigeria.

It said that Governor Fubara has distinguished himself not just as a paragon of exceptional leadership, but also as a humble man with an unwavering love for peace, respect for rule of law, equity and justice which have not only inspired others but fostered a profound sense of unity and advancement in Rivers State.

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