Why Alaibe keeps moving

One of the reasons why Timi Alaibe, a banker and one-time Managing Director of the NDDC, did not receive popular backing within the ranks of the Bayelsa PDP is now known. Most Bayelsa politicians polled by the Port Harcourt Telegraph said Alaibe is not a steady politician. “The only thing that matters to the man (Alaibe) is his ambition to govern. Recall that he crossed over from the APC to join us here”, a highly rated member of the PDP in Sagbama who spoke under conditions of anonymity said. “We are politicians, we know who is who. There are people who have been toiling for the party. Certainly, Alaibe was not one of them”, he stressed. A politician from Ekeremor said of the one who contested the PDP primaries, “Alaibe must learn to be a worker in the party. Our view is that he is not. All that he wants is to be a beneficiary of the sacrifices of others. There is a limit to what his enormous wealth can achieve. “Bayelsans are no fools. You can fool some of the some of the time. You cannot fool all the people most of the time.” Another politician, this time a female, remarked, “He left us in the APC because of the fear that he would not get the ticket. Now has the PDP given the ticket? “There is some virtue in being steady. You don’t have to be in front all the time. Now, I hear he is running around to secure a ticket from of these parties. I wish him luck.” Somehow, Alaibe has found a party that is ready to accept his ambition to run for governorship. It is the African Democratic Party that some say belongs to Olusegun Obasanjo aka OBJ. Alaibe is believed to have picked up the governorship ticket of the little known political party . For the first time Alaibe would move from trying to a candidate to being an actual candidate of a political party.

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