Americans and others across the globe are waiting for the reaction of the President of the United States.
The US President, Donald Trump is billed to address his nation any moment from now.
Shortly after the attack, President Trump said on Twitter that all was well.
He said the Americans and the Iraqis were taken stock of the extent of damage caused by thr Iranian response.
Tension is building across the world as both the United States and Iran insist on adopting belligerent tactics that which are leading to threats of war in the Middle East.
Trump had warned shortly after killing Soleimani that a retaliation on the part of Iran would be met with resounding force.
Yesterday night, Iran went ahead with a retaliatory strike targeted at US military bases in Iraq.
Iran has through its Foreign Affairs Minister maintained its military reaction to the killing of Soleimani is proportionate.
The Iranian top diplomat said article 51 of the UN charter supports its right under international law to retaliate for the attack carried out by the United states.
Like the United States, Iran said it has no intention whatsoever in going to war, but vowed it would defend itself from further attack.
While the Americans had threatened his country would attack 52 Iranian sites, including sites that are seen as cultural, the Iranians said at least 300 American sites would be hit should Washington go ahead with the threat.