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Hopes that the Orashi region, home base of Governor Peter Odili, might be in strong reckoning for the governorship of the Rivers State in 2023 may have been dashed.
The people of that region who produced a governor in 1999 may have to wait until they are able to build capacity.
Governor Nyesom Wike who was undiplomatic, rather brutal and blunt in his reaction said the governorship is for those who have capacity.
The Orashi people had apparently come as in-laws on the day of their visit to see the governor.
Prominent among Orashi sons and daughters who were part of the delegation were Senator Wilson Ake, younger brother of Chief G.U. Ake and a juggernaut from Ogba and Rt. Hon. Chibudom Nwuche, son of an Ekpeye royal and former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.
In 2023, Wike would be bowing out after two tenures in office . His impending exit is expected to result in a gigantic struggle for power.
Already, there are ongoing permutations by Rivers people who are deeply showing interest in how the political pendulum would swing.
Is it possible the Orashi delegation came with a message, a kind of request?
We cannot confirm that the Orashi delegation placed a request before the Governor.
But the Governor’s response however suggested that succession related matters may have been uppermost on his mind. There are speculations that there may be one or two persons from the Orashi region who may be nursing ambitions.
Although he has made no public comment or disclosed any intent within his party, many in the State appear to think that the State Chairman of the PDP, Bro Felix Obuah, might be eyeing the seat.
The Orashi people the other day crowned the Chairman of the PDP “Eze Orashi”. an honour which is beginning to receive different interpretations as the news spreads.
Wike insisted he has come to the conviction that only persons who have the charisma and capacity of running the State would come within reach of the Government House.
The Governor had a parting remark for the Orashi people.
If the Orashi people were capitalizing on the fact that he is married to their daughter, the governor observed, they were free, very free to take their daughter back.
Wike’s allusion to his wife and what the Orashi people should do or not do is being interpreted in some circles to mean the Orashi region should forget about the governorship ticket.
The obvious indication may be that power may not be headed in their direction, if Governor Wike were to determine who his successor would be.
Within and outside the governor’s circle, there are schemes and counter schemes as men who consider themselves competent prepare to slug it out.