Update: Igo Aguma Vs PHALGA stakeholders – Fire in the house

Combatants drawn from a group that now refers to itself as the “Third Force” and a sizable number of stakeholders in the Port Harcourt Local Government Area chapter of the APC presumably loyal to Rotimi Amaechi   Minister of Transportation, aren’t giving up.
They are firing from all cylinders, following the outbreak of a war of words as the Rivers APC prepares for a legal defense in court.
Friday, stakeholders in Port Harcourt addressed a news conference, dissociatating themselves from the recent actions of Igo Aguma, a former member of the House of Representatives.
They said, “the leadership of the PHALGA APC hereby disassociate the Port Harcourt chapter of the party from the reckless, ill-conceived and malicious conduct of Igo Aguma against the leader of the All Progressive Congress in Rivers state (The Hon minister for Transportation Rt Hon Rotimi Amaechi) and the All Progressive Congress .”
“Without mincing words, we wish to state in clear terms that Igo Aguma’s reckless behaviour in recent times came to us as a rude shock. Consequently, we hereby disown him and his cohorts”, the communique revealed.
But Minikwu Samuel a media aide to Igo Aguma, who has apparently emerged as the leader of the Third Force fired back, saying there were no structures in the Rivers APC capable of endorsing the alleged suspension of his principal from the party.
” It has come to the notice of Rt. Hon. Igo Aguma, the leader of the Rivers APC Third Force, that a group of impostors styling themselves as leadership of the APC in Port Harcourt Local Government Area has suspended or disassociated itself from Rt. Hon. Igochukwu Aguma.
“Most importantly and for the purposes of public knowledge, the APC in Rivers state from the Units to the State level is structurally dead.”
Strangely,  there was no reference to the suspension of Aguma in the copy of the communique which was released to the press.
While a case is pending in court, analysts say, such an act would simply have incurred the err of the High Court judge against one of the parties appearing before him.
While exercising their right not to associate with Aguma, the stakeholders said, “Igo Aguma’s latest onslaught against the leader of All Progressive Congress in Rivers state, the Rt Hon. Rotimi Amaechi who has been of immense help to him and members of his family speaks volume of his kind of person.
“We know as a fact that the Hon minister for Transportation has favoured Igo Aguma in the areas of political appointments, contracts, and financial support than the rest of us in Port Harcourt chapter.
“It therefore beats our imagination that the same Igo Aguma will unleash such manner of attack(s) on his benefactor on the pages of Newspapers. To this end, we remind him of the old saying that “it is unethical to bite the finger that feeds one”.
Victoria Nyeche has since thrown more light on the issue of the alleged suspension of Aguma.
“We have no power “, she acknowledged in her remark to suspend Aguma, but she noted that all stakeholders could do at this time was to disown his actions.
Describing the action of the stakeholders as contemptuous,  Aguma stressed that he still remains a statutory member of SEC.