Igo Aguma, a former member of the National Assembly has declared war on Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation, accusing him of using the platform of the APC in Rivers State to advance his personal interest.
Igo who now leads a group that calls itself the “Third Force” had earlier taken to radio stations and national dailies to say derogatory things about the Minister.
Friday, the former legislator took a swipe at the APC through his media aide, describing the party in the State as a sham.
Aguma noted that his purpose was “ to draw the attention of the APC and the general public to the scam called APC in Rivers State which has been reduced to an organ through which the Leader of the party Rt. Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi can access federal patronage to himself, his immediate family and local brothers after failing woefully in an election where he didn’t contribute even a vote from his unit, ward or local government.”
The lawmaker’s blistering attack delivered without reservation was shocking.
It was his reaction to a news conference held by stakeholders of the APC in Port Harcourt Local Government Area who believe Aguma and his cohorts are beginning to lose it.
At the briefing Friday, stakeholders in PHALGA had taken Aguma to the cleaners, describing him as an irritable and undependable personae.
They said, “the claim by lgo Aguma at the venue of his ill-fated “APC stakeholders meeting ” held at Hotel Presidential on the 19th day of January, 2020 to the effect that he is a ” Grassroot mobilizer” with immense followership is false. To this end, we challenge him to publish the names of such followers.
“Furthermore, we hereby undertake to foot the bills for such publications in the event that he indicates his interest to publish the names of the said followers on the pages of the newspaper.
“For the avoidance of doubt, the said lgo Aguma has no political relevance in his Oro-Ede family let alone his ward (i.e PHALGA ward 2). It is on record that from 2011 till date, Igo Aguma has continuously lost elections in Unit 26 (his polling unit) to rival political parties.”
They further went on, “lgo Aguma has nothing to offer other than his desperation to destroy the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers state, to pave way for his sponsor, Governor Nyesom Wike who is desperately lobbying to join and take over the All Progressives Congress in Rivers state, which machinations we are now determined to nip in the bud.”
After reviewing current events, PHALGA Stakeholders explained, that they have decided to dissociate themselves from Aguma whose actions, his opponents allege, suggest he is a mole.
Apparently infuriated by the communique issued by the stakeholders, Aguma said he was still a statutory member of SEC.
Turning on PHALGA stakeholders, Aguma remarked, “the said group led by a certain Nnamdi Nwuche who himself is taking impersonation to another level is nothing but a factional praise singing group of the Rotimi Amaechi-led faction of the APC in Rivers State with whom I have no business.”

Where will all this end?:

From where he was weeks ago, Igo Aguma has catapulted himself into the public spotlight.
It would appear that in choosing the name “Third Force”, the plan abnitio was to create a three-way struggle for power which would give members of the group access to the negotiating table when peace returns.
It is apparent that the Abe faction which has been hoping to benefit from a two-way power sharing mode might be watching events with very keen interest.
The dust that Aguma and his associates seem to be determined to rake, the Abe faction thinks, favours there position that the problem within the party is not them, but Amaechi.
In all, this fits into a carefully woven blackmail strategy put together for the Rivers audience by some Rivers people and their external collaborators who are committed to the complete humiliation of Amaechi.
In order to secure foot soldiers who would be part of the fighting force against Amaechi, big names are being dropped while money is gradually becoming the name of the game.
It would not be easy; not for Amaechi; not for Abe; and certainly not for Aguma. But the fight goes on and on.
Abe and Aguma may have the upper hand chastising Amaechi in public.
On ground where it matters most, overcoming Amaechi and his troops is a major challenge.
So, it would appear that confining Amaechi and his support base to the court room might be the only way to force Amaechi to pay heed to the outcome of conversations on the negotiation table.
This gives rise to fears in some circles that after Igo Aguma may come another person who for some reason would want certain legal interpretations to knotty political issues within the party.
What is happening here is not a Rivers problem. It is a problem that is spreading nationwide. Not even the National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole is free from it.
His State is in turmoil and the stakes, very high.