Finally revealed: Why Abe is afraid to join PDP

Senator Magnus Abe has possibly risen to dizzying heights; fought political battles like a man in the APC; but the reasons why he may not be able to join the PDP are beginning to emerge.
Abe who has a long standing ambition to be governor of Rivers State, our sources say, may have two major fears.
Telegraph’s investigation shows that Abe does not appear to believe, despite his alleged closeness to Governor Nyesom Wike that his ambition to be a future governor of Rivers State would fly in the PDP.
Said a close ally of the Senator, “There are alleged moves by the Governor to plant another Ikwerre man as his successor. If you were in Abe’s shoes, will you make such a move?”
“Besides, Abe is such a strong political character. There is no way the PDP under Wike would give him a ticket”, Abe’s ally awkwardly remarked.
We have learnt through impeccable sources that Senator Barry Mpigi may be another reason why the PDP might not be Abe’s best bet at this time.
Mpigi had supported Abe’s ambition, some say, for his own reasons.
Abe’s climb to the governorship was supposed to pave way for his dream to represent the Rivers South East as Senator.
“Mpigi was quick to realize that Abe’s ambition would not fly in the APC, given the stiff resistance that was coming”, a close associate to the senator told this publication.
Our sources say Mpigi, a strategist began to make his own plan to secure the senate ticket.
“Barry saw the opportunity in joining the PDP”, a female supporter revealed, “Wike has always preferred Barry. You know he has always described him as a General and shown that Barry is his first love when it comes to Ogoni.”
“The Senator made his move, crossed over to the PDP before Abe could know what was happening, and secured the ticket”, she concluded.
That move obviously denied Senator Abe of the opportunity of a fallback position and effectively shut the door in his face.
The thinking in Ogoni circles suggests that even if Wike were to consider the possibility of producing an Ogoni governor, the scale may be weighed more in favour of Mpigi.
Mpigi is an indomitable force in Tai where he comes from.
He has managed, using his position as a member of the House of Representatives to cultivate strongholds in Eleme and Oyigbo Local Government Areas.
As senator, according to our investigation, he is gradually creeping into Khana.
The implication is that Mpigi appears to be in a strong position to diminish whatever influence Abe may have had running for governor.
“It is obvious that Abe would be like a fish out of water” a Tai politician told the Telegraph.
“Mpigi is carrying many people along. Unlike Abe who was imposed on the Ogoni people by Amaechi, Mpigi has his own foot soldiers across the Rivers South East”, the politician who did not want his name in print added.
For now, Abe soldiers on in the APC, determined to upstage the Minister of Transportation who for political reasons has become an enemy.
To make any inroads, Abe who has made new friends at the top in the APC may have to defeat Amaechi in the congress that is being planned.
This may prove a mission impossible, but as one Abe loyalist put it, “we would die trying.

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