The United States has announced it is ending citizen-to-contact with Europe as a result of the Coronavirus.
But it said there would be a few exceptions when the measure goes into effect on Friday.
President Donald Trump who addressed the American people Wednesday said the ban would be in place for 30 days.
The order banning travel also covers cargo and other economic activities.
Trump said the World Health Organisation, WHO, has acknowledged that the world has a pandemic in its hand because of the spread of the virus.
He disclosed that the US was ready to deploy resources,  human and material, to combat the spread of the Coronavirus.
The US President suggested that his country was in contact with allies of the United States over the issue.
At least 1,250 persons have tested positive while 37 others have died as a result.
The Europeans are yet to react to the travel ban announced by the President of the United States.
Meanwhile, the NBA has suspended its playing season due to the outbreak of the pandemic.
The NBA expressed deep concern over the welfare of fans, players and others connected to the game of basketball, saying under the circumstances, it could no longer authorize matches.
A Utah Jazz player had earlier tested positive, thus raising fears that many more persons linked to basketball may be in danger of contacting the virus.