The lady allegedly reputed to have brought the virus into Rivers State says she is not a prostitute.
She also says, as the news of her infection makes the rounds, that she went abroad to participate in a competition.
The lady interviewed by Nigeria Info, a radio station which operates out of Port Harcourt, said she was the one who called a health official to complain about her status when her coughing became frequent.
She acknowledged that as a youngster, coughing has been part of her medical history.
She revealed on air how she was eventually tested and proven positive to the virus.
Explaining how the test was conducted, she said that an instrument was inserted into her mouth and another into her nose to ascertain her status.
The victim insisted that she isolated herself at home as soon as she felt all was not well.
The lady further revealed that she traveled to participate in a competition.
She challenged anyone who was in doubt about her claim that she took part in a competition while outside the country to go online and verify the account she presented on air.
On her return to Port Harcourt, her parents picked her up at the airport at Omagwa, she said in response to a question.
She revealed that initially, she had no appetite to eat, but she noted that she now felt better, stressing that she was even eating normally.
The Rivers State Governor had in a broadcast described her as a model who had traveled out of the country and returned with the virus.
There is no information at this time from a medical point of view that she has tested negative to the virus, given her account.
But callers on air insisted they wanted more details, with some attempting to create the impression the whole thing may have been packaged as a cover up.
Those who hold this view however, have no proof.
Given what is seen as the index case in the State, Government has swung into action.
It has announced restrictions and placed bans on businesses until there is evidence that the State is winning the war against the deadly virus which first began in China.

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