An intense power struggle is currently going on at the Presidency. The death of the former Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari who was buried yesterday has created a yawning gap.
Different power blocs within the corridors of power are fighting for the opportunity to influence the President’s appointment of a new Chief of State.
Outside the Villa, there are pressures as well. The North East geopolitical region from where Kyari emerged from is equally pushing.
They are selling the point of view which suggests that the office of the Chief of Staff may have been zoned to them.
Already, the name of Babagana Kingibe is out in the open as a possible replacement of the late Chief of Staff.
Kingibe is not only well known within Presidency circles,  he is rumoured to be very influential too. The former Vice Presidential candidate of the SDP is a renowned administrator, ambassador and broadcaster.
Some insiders are positing that he has been apparently acting in that position since Kyari took ill and stepped aside from the Villa to receive medical attention.
The Presidency hasn’t named  a successor  at this time.
The official Twitter handles of the Presidency and its information managers are yet to reveal any policy statement regarding the appointment of a new Chief of Staff.
This would mean that the purported appointment of Babagana Kingibe may fall within the realm of speculation.
The appointment of any person from any of the powerful groups that are justling for advantage would have rippling effect across the country, especially within the ruling party.
Kyari as Chief of Staff was the master of the game. Will is successor be able to wield the kind of power that Kyari had under the control of his thumb?
Nigerians wait for a presidential decision. Who ever the new occupant is, he must be a great confidant of the President.
In a few days from now,  Nigerians would witness the unveiling of a new helmsman at the Villa.
Who will it be? Will it be Kingibe?

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