U.S. President Donald Trump watches French President Emmanuel Macron putting his hand on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's knee during a commemoration ceremony for Armistice Day, 100 years after the end of World War One, at the Arc de Triomphe, in Paris, France, November 11, 2018. Francois Mori/Pool via REUTERS - RC1D7734AEC0

Pressure mounts: Trump may be yanked off air

“London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling down my fair lady.” That’s  a popular rhyme sang by kids.
But, in reality, it’s not the London bridge that is falling, despite the attack launched  on Prime Minister Boris Johnson by the Coronavirus.
Johnson who has survived the virus is expected to resume work on Monday.
Across  the seas, a major bridge in the democratic arrangement of the US and an ally of Great Britain may be getting ready for a great fall.
The Republican establishment has for long watched things from the sidelines, without as much as questioning the excesses of President Donald Trump.
But some Republicans are beginning  to worry that Trump may take all of them down the hill.
They are urging the President to put a stop to his daily Coronavirus briefs, saying those talk shows aren’t adding any kind of value.
Trump may be yanked off air, if pressure within the Republican Party and the White House persists.
The President has run into a storm of late, following growing concerns over utterances that most Americans are uncomfortable about.
This is giving rise to a new thinking among Republicans who fear that Trump’s  portrayal of issues might be catastrophic, especially in an election year.
Trump has transformed into a proponent of unverified breakthroughs in the fight to defeat the virus.
Trump, against advice, has recommended the use of hydrochloroquine as a cure for the Coronavirus.
Chloroquine has been used in the containment of malaria. Science hasn’t confirmed the efficacy of the use of this drug in the cure of the Coronavirus,  but Trump is yet to backtrack.
His latest suggestion that chemicals, precisely disinfectants, injected into the human body could cure the virus has led to an uproar.
Without scientific proof, Trump’s medical prescriptions are dangerous, and many Americans fear the spread of misinformation particularly by their President could be costly.
White House watchers across  the world say Trump’s handling of matters pertaining to the virus, including the World Health Organization issue, has become a source of embarrassment.
Most of last week, Trump is believed to have been distraught as comments linked to him gradually backfire.
With public opinion swinging widely and dangerously,  many in the Republican Party figure the best thing to do is to end Trump’s daily media briefs.
The President has remained  apparently headstrong in his resolve to play politics with science matters.
Dr Fauci who is at the centre of the fight to defeat the Coronavirus in the United States and around the world has cautiously warned against the hasty reopening of American society, saying the gains made via the lockdown could be lost.
But Trump and his associates are suspected to be masterminds of growing protests within the United States against the lockdown.
Governor Andrew Cuomo of the State of New York whose views appear to appeal to mainstream America has insisted he would not reopen his State for business without expert advice.
Georgia has, but not without insisting on social distancing.
President Trump’s effort to turn a strategic mistake into sarcasm hasn’t worked, especially at a time of great national anxiety and grief.
Somehow, it appears the mainstream media, including the CNN which President Trump has dubbed “lamestream media” in a series of tweets are systematically winning as widespread attention turns to the protection of America’s core interests.
Recent public opinion surveys show the President’s popularity rating is gradually dipping.
Trump’s handlers may have to work round the clock if he is to survive in November.
As things are, Trump has his back to the wall and only a  measure of divine intervention may save him from what looks like the wrath to come.

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