Coronavirus: Use of new ‘game changer’ underway in the US as Trump accuses China

A new drug which may be used for the treatment of victims of the Coronavirus has been identified.
It is known as the Remdesivir.
Already, some experts within the United States are saying that the drug may prove to be a game changer as mankind fights back against the pandemic
Dr Fauci who is at the head of a team of experts set up by the White House said the use of Remdesivir has had “significant,  positive effect” on ongoing efforts to reverse the advance of the virus.
More than 600,000 Americans have been killed since the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic.
According to news coming out of that country,  more than 1,038,000 people have so far tested positive to the virus.
Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is  distancing himself from a claim he made that the US would soon commence the conduct of five million tests per day.
The President, obviously under pressure, denied ever saying so Wednesday..
He said those comments were based on projections by some experts whom he did not name.
Most scientists in the US argue that there is no way such number of tests can be conducted in the country now or in the near future.
While tempers flare up in the United States over the spiking number of deaths that have  been recorded, Trump has accused China of handling the  COVID 19 matter in a way that is intended to cause his defeat  later in the year.
He alleged that the Chinese were intent on ensuring that Vice President Joe Biden who served under Barack Obama  wins.

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