President Muhammadu Buhari has identified the root cause of the unending killings that are taking place between the Fulani and the Addara community in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna Stste.
The President attributed the killings to the tendency by the warring parties to exert revenge.
Speaking through his  Chief  Press Secretary, Garba Shehu, the nation’s C-in-C  observed,
“Killing people in the name of revenge is not acceptable.”
Buhari noted that the killings and counter killings on both sides were needless, saying there were mechanisms under the law which could be utilized by persons seeking redress.
He ordered an immediate halt to hostilities in the area, cautioning the warring communities against taking the law into their own hands.
The Fulani and the people of Addara have been fighting repeatedly, with murder and arson on the ascendency.
Many see the conflict as proof of existing religious differences while others think land grabbing could be linked to it.
Several lives have been lost since the conflict began, with property worth millions of naira destroyed.
Somehow, the Nigerian authorities have been unable to deal with the matter, which is gradually spiraling out of the control of the Kaduna State Government.
Across the country, many accuse the Buhari administration of doing very little to end the killings in the area.
Government has consistently issued warnings and appeals to the warring parties.
Those warnings have been largely ignored in the past while security operatives posted to the area to keep the peace and prevent recurring crisis appear to be incapacitated.
There are indications that the Addara people may have been behind the latest wave of attacks which has led to tension in the Kajuru Local Government Area.
Critics of the President allege that his reaction may have been triggered by the knowledge that the Fulani may have been at the receiving end.
But there is no evidence, at least in the open, to back claims of partiality on the part of the Nigerian President.

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