Governor Nyesom Wike may not have experienced any form of political revolt from his own political party  since he mounted the mantle of leadership. But the governor known as the “Action Governor” may be in for a protracted battle which may culminate into a lingering fight.

Wike angrily pulled out of reconciliation talks that were going on to resolve differences which had arisen as a result of a gang up by major stalwarts of his own party to draft Governor Godwin Obaseki who recently declared for the PDP into the governorship race.

Accused of attempting to derail the plan to install Obaseki favoured by a great majority of party members, the Rivers governor referred to members of his party’s National Working Committee, NWC, as “tax collectors”, a charge that the NWC quickly dismissed in its reaction as false.

Wike stormed out, warning that what could happen in the PDP would be worse than what is happening in the All Progressives Congress, APC.

His exit however did not appear to have deterred other major stakeholders who accused him of helping to secure a court decision against the party in Port Harcourt from going ahead with their plan to field Obaseki in the Edo governorship race.

Although vote counting went on late into the night on Thursday, three of the contestants reportedly stepped down for Governor Obaseki who danced to a “Bolanle Pepper Them” song as he made his way to the venue.

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In Abuja, what looks like a coalition of prominent party big wigs are allegedly preparing to confront Wike once and for all.

According to what we have heard, the arrowheads of the fight against Wike have purportedly filed a suit which is seeking among other things to nullify the congress conducted by the State PDP earlier this year.
The congress was seemingly put together at a time that guidelines drawn up to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus forbade the gathering of large crowds.

But the mastery of the executioners of the plot which led to the organization of the congress despite risks to health which lay ahead may have  given the outgoing governor near absolute control of the Rivers PDP.
Major players in the party, we have learnt, were reportedly excluded from the game, with their areas of relevance effectively put under the control of the governor’s cronies.

In Port Harcourt, Abua/Odual, Obio/Akpor, Tai and Khana for instance, key players had no hand in the decision of who emerged as officials in most of the wards and local government areas.

Many within the party say despite Wike’s claim that he would not be interested in influencing who would succeed him, the surgical operation carried out during the congress may indeed decide the choice of a successor quicker than it would have been if more people participated freely in the exercise.

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Said a PDP chieftain under conditions of anonymity, “I have been engaged in this game for a very long time. What we are seeing is a rape of democracy. The man simply took everything and brought us together to say “Amen”.

“He has cleared the path for the installation of the chosen one. Why does he think that we can’t see?”, the man queried.

Wike has been linked to the ongoing crisis in the APC even though he continues to deny it.
But now, he may have to look very closely to events that may be unfolding in his backyard where political thorns are beginning to germinate.

An index case may have gradually taken root; a small fire has been allegedly lit. It may turn into a raging fire if party big wigs who are becoming worried over Wike’s utterances and conduct stoke the fire.  It would be interesting to see how the Governor reacts to what is seen in some circles as an internal revolt, especially as 2023 draws close.

Several interests are tied to that golden date and from the look of things, not many are willing to be sidelined. Members of the party have been hoping that their leaders would be able to check some of the excesses of the PDP leadership in the State.

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Now, that opportunity to challenge certain things appears to have offered itself. Soon, we are likely to hear more about so-called Abuja based politicians and what Wike supporters are likely to see as their alleged evil plots.