Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has been asked by the All Progressives Congress, APC, to reopen markets which have remained securely locked in the overall interest of the people.

APC’s Caretaker Committee Chairman Dr Sokonte Davies said while receiving a delegation of market women in the State who paid him a visit at the Party Secretariat that the APC is acutely aware of the suffering that traders and owners of other businesses affected by the lockdown are going through to maintain their children and wards in these very hard times.

The continued lockdown of the markets, he said, has become an impediment to the expansion of commerce and trade, both of which have clear impacts on the health of the Rivers economy.

Dr Davies who was a, former member of the House of Representatives acknowledged that there were smarter ways of addressing concerns arising from the threat posed by the spread of the Coronavirus.

He said there was need to reduce the hurdles faced by the masses who feel short-changed by the continued closure of markets.

 The Acting Chairman urged Governor Wike to weigh state concerns pertaining to the anti-Covid fight against the backdrop of a growing need to ensure that people are able to earn a decent living without any hindrance.

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He noted that inspite of the lockdown which was in force across the country, most states still found creative ways of getting their people to maintain social distancing and encouraging them to have access to the marketplace.

The APC advised Governor Wike to heed the cries of the traders and the people, saying there was no need to continue the lockdown of markets at this time.

He told the traders that the APC had a complete understanding of the situation, and assured them that a rejuvenated party which is currently engaged in internal efforts at reconciliation would defend the interests of Rivers people and those who reside in the State.

Earlier, the Leader of the Market Women Association in the State, Mrs Gloria Nonju said that traders and owners of other businesses were going through harrowing times, following the continued lockdown of their sources of income.

She said they were at the party Secretariat to appreciate the good effort that party leaders are making to rebuild the APC, saying that the absence of a credible opposition has jeopardized the interest and welfare of Rivers people.

She then appealed to the APC to persuade the Wike administration to reconsider the harsh stance against market women who were being forced to remain at home.

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