Suspended Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Hon. Igo Aguma has called for the dismantling the State Party Secretariat.
Aguma said in a statement circulated to the press that he has the authority of persons whom he did not name to shut down what he described as parallel party secretariats operating in the State capital.
Since the official Party Secretariat known to the National Secretariat of the party opened, thousands of APC loyalists as well as members of the public belonging to different interest groups in the society have been visiting the official facility of the party to meet with members of the Caretaker Committee led by Hon Sokonte Davies.
A source told the Port Harcourt Telegraph, “Aguma and his backers are perplexed by what is happening at this moment. They cannot understand it. It is beyond their comprehension. They are like undertakers put together to bury the party.
“Now, it is as if the APC has suddenly escaped from ‘the bottle’ that its adversaries corked and kept.”
It may well be so.
Aguma claimed to have notified the National Secretariat about his plan to shutdown what he calls factional party offices.
When the APC took root in Rivers State, its first State Office was located along Forces Avenue in Old GRA.
After it was attacked prior to the disagreements which arose as a result of the congresses that were billed to take place, the party’s office was officially relocated to 63 Aba Road.
This much is known to the National Secretariat of the party in Abuja.
The infighting within the APC, as events proved, would eventually result in the establishment of a parallel office which was named Freedom House.
Freedom House is operated by loyalists of Senator Magnus Abe, but events do not suggest that there is intense activity when compared with what is currently taking place at the office set up when a united party was first conceived.
Hon. Igo Aguma’s hunt for a new office structure may be premised on the ground that the official office is perceived to be under the control of mainstream party members who are loyal to the Minister of Transportation. Rt Hon. Rotimi Amaechi.
Aguma may have received communications from the National Secretariat of his party, but we cannot confirm if he knows that the same party headquarters has been in touch with the Sokonte Davies led Caretaker Committee.
The Telegraph has learnt that Hon. Davies who has the support of 28 out of 38 statutory members who were known to the Court at the time Hon Aguma filed his matter participated in the last National Executive Committee, NEC. meeting.
That meeting was attended by the President, Muhammadu Buhari.
There is no evidence that Hon. Igo Aguma took his place at the said meeting. What this probably means is that the Hon. Davies led team may have received recognition.
Security has been provided at the State Party Office by security agencies. There is evidence that the National Secretariat of the APC has been responsible for the arrangement.
How far Aguma would go with his campaign to stamp out his Party’s Secretariat remains to be seen.
But Aguma argues that there are two party secretariats, a position which has obviously defined his call for the closure of the original Secretariat and the parallel one established by Amaechi’s major rival, Senator Abe.
Facts further pieced together by this publication suggests that the National Secretariat owns all of the property within the precinct of state party offices nationwide.
They may have been donated by individuals, but in the strict sense, according to knowledgeable sources, it does not belong to the donors.
in suing the APC, the former lawmaker who got the nod from a Port Harcourt High Court to occupy the position of Caretaker Committee Chairman has used the office at 63 Aba Road as the address of service.
Staff of the APC who work at the Secretariat confirm that attempts had been made in the past to serve legal summons at the same office.
In the meantime, there has been no reaction to Aguma’s claim either from the Caretaker Committee led by Hon. Sokonte Davies or its national counterpart led by Governor Buni of Yobe State.
At the weekend, artisans were seen working to put up party colours at the 63 Aba Road office of the APC.
Most party members want peace. Regardless of existing differences, moderates on both side are talking.
From what is known, these moderates on both sides who are led by Senators Andrew Uchendu and Wilson Ake have affirmed their faith in the peace process.
Their decision to go ahead with talks, we have heard, have been communicated to all who should be in the picture.
While Aguma struggles with his notion of closing down offices, there is hope that the APC may find peace at last.

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