The Acting Managing Director of the NDDC,  Professor Pondei has been rushed out of the House Committee room where he was undergoing interrogation.

Pondei slumped to the table while fielding questions from lawmakers when hearing commenced early today.

It is not yet known what his medical condition is, but his doctor had indicated last week that the Managing Director was really not in good shape.

Pondei who was obviously under pressure had said when he began his testimony that he has been demonized and cast in the mold of a thief.

Our Editor-in-Chief who is in Abuja reports that Pondei lay his head on the table in the presence of cameras as his condition depreciated.

It took the intervention of some of the persons in the room who broke protocol to rescue him, with some putting their fingers in his mouth to force it open.

He was later led out of the House Committee room while the House Committee adjourned for 30 minutes.