Governor Nyesom Wike may be among prominent members of the PDP who may be opposed to the re-election of the National Chairman of the PDP, Prince Uche Secondus.
The tenure of the Andoni-born politician who is known as “Total Chair” is expected to expire in December this year.
According to information that is coming to light, most of those who have joined forces to oppose the return of Secondus are afraid that the Atiku camp might be the ultimate beneficiary.
Former Presidential candidate of the PDP, Atiku Abubakar as well as other notable players such as State governors, National Assembly members as well as a sizeable number of NWC members are rooting for Secondus.
This segment of the party says Secondus has done a good job, particularly in rejuvenating the PDP after its woeful defeat in 2015.
Wike who is yet to forget how Atiku humbled him in 2019 has not been quoted as saying anything in public.
A close associate of the Governor told this medium, “Wike is a strategist. He is studying the situation. Expect to hear his reaction soon.”
But another source hinted the Telegraph in Port Harcourt that the governor who may be scheming behind the scene to plant a successor is overtly uncomfortable with the re-election bid of a man he once supported for the party’s top job.
“The Governor sees Secondus as a stumbling bloc and someone who could frustrate his plot either to emerge as a vice presidential candidate or his move to pick a successor.
“Those of us in the party know Wike is not sincere when he says he would have no hand in the choice of who succeeds him. No one who is anyone had a hand in the emergence of party officials this time around, meaning that there is so much the Governor is keeping to his chest.”
As the battle rages on, there are growing fears that the PDP might be faced by a serious crisis if the conspiracy to oust Secondus continues.
Frightened by the prospect of another deadly face, those who nurse fears that matters may become intractable say dialogue might be the way out.
There are strong elements within the party who would like to see someone from the South West as the new chairman of the party.
The South West is divided way down the middle, especially over accusations that Chief Bode George and Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State are aligned against the National Chairman’s return.
A number of Yoruba leaders, notably party chairmen from Lagos, Ondo and Ogun in the PDP are moving against chieftains in their fold who are determined to collaborate with others who are intent on pulling down Secondus.
For now, meetings are being held across board as groups try to find how to ensure that they have the upper hand when PDP returns to the starting bloc to pick their leaders.
The last has however, not been heard about the power struggle between pro-Atiku forces and the Wike/Tambuwal power bloc.
It promises to be a fight between experience and vibrancy in which money would prove to be a critical factor in determining the future of the PDP.