Wike’s ally attacked as power tussle in PDP escalates

Many days after a video showing a group of men fighting at the residence of a close ally of Governor Wike and former Governor of Rivers State went viral, there is still no evidence of who may have masterminded the attack.
A meeting had been called at the residence of the soft spoken lawyer and associate of the incumbent Governor to address matters of great interest to the people of Ikwerre Local Government Area.
According to some of those who were present, trouble broke out midway into the meeting when a group stormed the venue.
Chairs, bottles, just about anything which was handy, were used as weapons during the fighting in which men were dragged on the floor.
Governor Nyesom Wike may not know it, but the level of agitation and resentment against him and his ppwerful friends in the PDP is increasing.
“What we did at Omehia’s house is small compared to what we have planned”, a youth leader told the Port Harcourt Telegraph,  “Wike thinks he can use and dump us.”
Barrister Celestine Omehia, Wike’s right hand man had his long sleeved garment torn.
Barrister Omerengwa, a member of of the House of Representatives who was apparently the primary target  was badly battered.
Sunday, in Etche, the governor was verbally assaulted by a man who felt Chief Allwell Onyeso, an associate of the governor is trying to undermine existing party leadership in the area.
There are speculations that the free for all fight which ensued may have been caused by political disagreements arising from arguments over who should be the next chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Council.
Nwanosike, a friend of Governor Wike rumoured to  share close ties with Bro Felix Obuah, the outgone State Chairman of the PDP heads the council.
Nwanosike got elected after serving as Caretaker Committee Chairman. There are indications that he might be eyeing a second tenure.
From all indications, there are moves by some power brokers in Ikwerre to ensure that he is  eased out as the power struggle within the PDP intensifies.
There have been attempts to link Nwanosike to the fracas at Omehia’s compound, but his media assistant has denied such involvement.
The police was called in to rescue Omehia from the youths who stormed his residence.
We have heard that Governor Wike ordered the police to intervene, following distress calls made from the Omehia residence.
Reports say some persons have been arrested in connection with the attack. Their identities have not been disclosed.
We could not also confirm at the time of going to press if the arrests made have led the police to the kingpin who plotted the attack.

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