What may have been kept as a hidden secret within the Peoples Democratic Party in Rivers State is gradually coming to light.
Governor Nyesom Wike is under serious pressure from angry members of the PDP who believe he is sharing their common wealth with his friends in the APC.
These persons, now the toast of the Rivers Governor, have been used consistently to undermine and frustrate the APC in the State.
Said a former Commissioner in the State, “APC members who are Oga’s friends are the ones who are enjoying the loot. They come, wine and dine, collect money and leave.”
Now, a frightened Wike is asking those deep throats to declare for the PDP or face the consequences.
Insiders in the PDP and the APC inform the Telegraph that until voices of dissent within his own party became louder, the Governor was more intent on ensuring that his hirelings used to cause trouble in the APC remained properly embedded.
On the other side of the divide, the APC which apparently has counter intelligence operatives at work have been close on the trail of some well placed chieftains within its ranks who share close ties with Governor Wike and allegedly share critical information.
This may explain why Chidi Lloyd came under intense fire from party men who suspected he may have strayed long ago.
Said the APC in a statement issued Sunday night, “We have learnt through credible sources that Governor Nyesom Wike has directed all those in the APC who have been collaborating with him to destabilize the main party in opposition in Rivers State to defect at once, or face imminent humiliation from the PDP Government, which has been funding them through the backdoor.
“The order is coming in the wake of growing dissatisfaction of PDP members who are threatening to leave in droves because of the unbecoming attitude of the Governor towards them. These people who feel terribly abandoned by the Wike administration are angered by the unscrupulous antics of their own government which has left them high and dry. “
Allegations of bribery of gullible political chieftains as well as officials of certain democratic institutions, including security operatives have become commonplace.
The Telegraph has gathered that even local government chairmen are allegedly encouraged to make certain covert payments to Divisional Police Officers as well as Electoral Officers in the various local government areas.
Most PDP members worry that the State Government is borrowing so much money. They APC alleges that most of the funds are being funneled to the upkeep of those who are used in undermining the opposition.
According to the APC, “This Government which is known to have borrowed billions of dollars under the guise of developing Rivers State is spending millions of naira on the bribery of non PDP members and principal officials of some democratic establishments in order to sustain Governor Nyesom Wike’s personal grip on power.
“It is no longer a secret that most PDP members are disturbed by the realization that the Government which they collectively foisted on Rivers people have become increasingly dictatorial, out of touch with reality and obnoxiously power drunk.
“Foundation members of the PDP are aware that rather than concentrating on their welfare and the protection of the future of Rivers State, their leader has resorted to all kinds of underhand practices in order to undermine their relevance as leaders and politicians within the same party.
“Governor Wike is no doubt worried by intelligence reports gathered from his own party which show that most top echelon members of the PDP who are waiting for the right time are planning to dump him. Some like Hon. Ephraim Nwuzi representing the good people of Etche and Omuma Federal Constituency have ended the long wait. They can no longer be part of a sinking ship.”
The party said the phased declarations embarked by the Wike administration were part of a propaganda stunt.
“We are aware, based on information, that the declaration of support for Wike by persons claiming to be close associates of Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi is part of a keenly woven propaganda scheme.
“Chief Ambrose Nwuzi, the leader of “tea party betrayers” in Etche who declared for the PDP on Sunday is one of such character.
“We know that Chief Nwuzi, frightened by the entry of Hon. Ephraim Nwuzi into the APC, was a beneficiary of the Afara – Ulakwo Road contract handled by the Wike administration. Should Nwuzi challenge our assertion, the APC will not hesitate to disclose how much he got from the execution of that project.”
The party urged Rivers people to ignore the attempt to “these characters who are like salt which has lost its flavour”, saying they “think only of themselves and their families.”
The APC statement which was signed by its Spokesman Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke added, “The APC is like a tree. Like all trees, there is a season when they must shed old leaves so new leaves which ensure growth can sprout out. For the APC, that season is here. New leaves ready to replace old ones are sprouting out.