Chisom Promise Dike isn’t the noisy type. His constituents say he is a gentleman who minds his business and reaches out to as many people as he can. The lawmaker who recently rejected a car gift from Governor Nyesom Wike had drawn the ire of the State Chairman of the PDP, Ambassador Desmond Akawor.

Akawor had taken a swipe at the lawmaker,  describing him at a recent meeting as a man without proper upbringing, but Dike’s reaction, when it came, was swift and devastating.

“My attention has been drawn to statements made by Amb. Desmond Akawor during the meeting he had with some members of the PDP, Ward 1 of Oyigbo LGA at the PDP State Party Secretariat Port Harcourt”, Dike remarked.

“Prior to this time, I resolved not to respond to the cheap lies and blackmail peddled against me by Amb. Akawor. However, I think it has become imperative at this time to set the records straight for the sake of posterity.

“In that meeting, Amb. Akawor referred to my person as one who had no good parental training. By this I guess he was referring to the fact that I was raised by a single parent. I think it is important for Amb. Akawor to know that the concept of single parenthood is not alien to our culture.

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“Yes, I was raised by my single mother who instilled in me the fear of God, the value of honesty, uprightness and integrity. I and my siblings were raised in one home, under one roof and under the care and close supervision of my very hardworking mother until I became a man old enough to fend for myself.”

Saying thank you to his hardworking mom, Dame Belinda Dike for properly raising his siblings and himself, the lawmaker said Akawor lacked the right and the moral high ground to talk about his upbringing.

“I wasn’t raised in an unstable home or tossed around from one uncle’s home to another. Therefore, I think Amb. Desmond Akawor completely lacks the moral standing to talk about anyone’s good or bad parental training.

“Those whose kernel were cracked by the gods and benevolence of uncles should be humble”, Dike observed in a statement he made available to the press.

“I do not attend a Celestial or White Garment Church where it is a common practice to use sand for diabolic purposes, neither did I build a Celestial Church opposite my house for spiritual purposes.
“In my short sojourn in politics, I have impacted my people with tangible and verifiable projects with some cited in his Egberu community”, Dike added.

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Since hinting he has made up his mind to dump the PDP, PDP chieftains led by Ambassador Akawor have been restless and discourteous. Reports say the lawmaker may leave with about 5000 supporters for the APC.

Akawor reportedly called the meeting at the PDP Party Secretariat in a bid to arrest the drift and prevent a mass exodus which may hurt him personally as a party leader from the area.

Many in Oyigbo say there is nothing to show for the level of support that party members have shown to Governor Wike.

They say repeated pleas for understanding by the Oyigbo people have fallen on deaf ears while roads and other basic infrastructure which are taken for granted in the governor’s local government area are fast decaying by the day in Oyigbo.

The member representing Eleme/Oyigbo/Tai Federal Constituency had refused to attend the car gifting ceremony in which Akawor who hails from Oyigbo represented Governor, Nyesom Wike.

On that occasion, Dike had said money used to acquire those SUVs could have been put to better use, especially in providing much needed roads in his primary constituency.