The APC in Rivers State says its former State Chairman, Hon. Ojukaye Flag Amachree as well as other Nigerians who have participated in the street protests acted well within their rights as citizens.
The party said in a statement issued in Port Harcourt by its Spokesman, Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke that under theconstitution, Nigerians are free to associate and free to express themselves.
The party wondered why the appearance of Ojukaye Amachree on the street would generate such a furore.
“We have said prior to the Tuesday broadcast that the APC as a party has no role in the street protests. We repeat that we have no hands in what is happening. Amachree as an individual who is a member of the APC belongs to other social groups in society.
“He belongs to a church different from the church Governor Wike attends. He belongs to civil rights organisations different from groups like the GDI whose members are marching on the streets.
“So, what is Wike’s problem with a citizen who only expressed his right of association? We think that Government’s posture on this matter is ridiculous.
The attempt to link the APC to the protests by Governor Nyesom Wike is misplaced. It has no basis, given the fact that Amachree is an adult who can make his own decisions.”
The APC noted that Wike worked with  Governor Amaechi for almost eight years in office, saying it is shocking that the same has turned around to bite the finger that fed him.
“He worked with Amaechi. Some of the things he said about Amaechi’s government while parading as Chief of Staff are on tape.
“We believe Wike is cutting the image of a man who cannot be trusted; and curiously establishing the fact that he may be a man driven by complex. He is leading most rational thinking  people to believe he is more like the proverbial green snake in green grass.”
The statement said the  APC was tired of “the constant brawls” and “moves by the Governor to pull red herrings over the eyes of unsuspecting members of the public.”