LG performance: Wike sends out monitors

There are strong indications that the Rivers State Government has set up a panel to monitor the performance of various local government council chairmen.

According to what we have gleaned through dependable sources, members of the fact finding team are currently touring local government areas in a bid to gather appropriate data.

The data collected would enable the State Government to assess the level of development at the grassroots and determine what third tier governments have done with funds disbursed  to them.

It is not yet known if the ongoing assessment would have anything to do with the eventual selection of council chairmen who are eyeing fresh tenures in office.

Already, some local government Chairmen have started uploading some of their signature projects on the social media.

These include markets, new Council administrative offices and other projects that may be seen as impacting directly on the life style of the rural people.

While there is excitement in some local governments, there is equally growing tension in others as politicians at the grassroots warm up for local council elections.

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