John Bazia, a former lawmaker and one-time Commissioner under Governor Nyesom Wike has replied  the accusations of the governor.

Wike had taken to the African Independent Television, AIT, to describe Bazia and those who decamped to the APC recently as inconsequential persons.

The governor claimed that  the decampees moved from the PDP because he refused to use them in sensitive positions.

The governor known for his rather slanderous and inflamatory remarks referred to Bazia as a thief.

But John Bazia took to a radio programme at the weekend to respond to Governor Wike, calling him so many unprintable names on a live programme monitored in Port Harcourt.

Asking where Wike got all the money with which he is buying up parts of the State capital, Bazia said the Rivers governor who has no pedigree is the thief.

Bazia referred to the governor as a looter and a cheat who is allegedly dipping his finger into the common purse and allegedly carting away monies which belong to the ordinary Rivers people.

Wondering where Wike is getting all the money that he is using to acquire Rivers State  for himself, the former Commissioner  who served under Wike asked, “Who is Wike’s father?”

“Wike is the thief”, Bazia who was obviously incensed by Wike’s tantrums roared on radio.

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Bazia noted that his own father was a  businessman and a former commissioner and urged Wike whom he said was busy using his position  to steal to tell Rivers people who his father is.

Nobody has taken Governor Wike to the cleaners as Bazia did on radio at the weekend.

He said the Rivers people did not need to look too far to discover who the actual thief is between the two of them.

Across the State, folks are lauding Bazia for his courage in speaking up. Those who spoke to this publication, including members of the PDP said it was time someone stood up to him

A PDP member who spoke to the Telegraph expressed satisfaction over Bazia’s  vitriolic retort.

“Wike has met his match in Bazia, our former member who left us in frustration. Wike may enjoy immunity and the protection that the  State has from the EFCC. This does not entitle him to reckless comments.

“He (Wike) thinks that assaulting and intimidating people  is the right thing to do. Everyone is a thief apart from himself”, the well placed PDP chieftain noted.

“Wike’s  Commissioners are like slaves and house boys”, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke, Spokesman of the APC said in reaction.

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“They have been stripped of their manhood, denied of their pride of place as members  of the State Executive Council, and turned to what Rivers people now term  “mumu Commissioners.”

“The environment in which they are expected to work is in a deplorable condition. No light, no lift, no water. They cannot even serve visitors tea and biscuits because they have no imprests to run their offices.

“Most of the contracts in their ministries were already awarded before they came on board. So, even if these functionaries were tempted to steal, how would they do it?

“We wonder why Wike would make comments about people he said are not consequential. It shows how much he is pained by their exit.

“We have told him he would wail when the tide turns. The tide has changed. It is crying time for the Governor. Let him cry. Let him abuse people as he usually does. Rivers people  know him. Rivers people are no longer shocked by his remarks. It is old news!”
He added, “We are proud of Bazia and other heavyweights who have left the PDP. We are awaiting others who are getting ready to leave the PDP for the APC.

“We have looked in the direction of Government House since after the utterances of the Governor. We are yet to find a saint in there.

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“We know that the house that Wike built without a solid foundation is crumbling fast. The builders that he needs to keep the house  standing are deserting him. We honestly can understand why he is reacting the way he is doing at this time.”