Infiltrators Can’t Sink Party – APC

The APC has warned all those who are planning to foment trouble within its rank and file to desist immediately or face the consequences of their actions.

The APC said through a statement issued by its Spokesman in Rivers State that the party would not allow infiltrators and agents of darkness to threaten its internal unity.

‘We know where the APC is headed. We are building a responsive party which responds to issues of great interest to the masses. Our interest is not to build a party of claimants and litigants.

“We are aware that there are certain persons who are busy shopping for funds with which to undermine the progress that the APC is registering by relying on uncharitable court processes.

” It is laughable that our friends who appear to have given their hearts to the devil are openly soliciting for funds with which to institute cases against legitimate  actions which have been taken by the APC.

“It is obvious that these persons claiming to be members of our great Party are merchants, mercenaries and agents of darkness that are bent on causing confusion and trading with the common destiny of others who believe in the leadership of the party at the federal and state levels.”

Turning attention to allegations made by Senator Magnus Abe against the Minister of Transportation, the APC remarked, “We regret to say that the Senator has since ceased to be a champion of Progressive ideals and an embodiment of a true democrat.

“Hate is gradually blinding a man whose power of oratory was once respected. The poisonous injections that Barrister Wogu Boms is administering is not helping the political health of the Senator in any way.

“Lives, law and order matter a lot to Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi, two-time Speaker and two-time Governor of Rivers State, and we are sure that Rivers people know that the Senator who is bitter that things are not going his way was not referring to a focused gentleman, whose resolve it is, to pursue the diversification of the transportation sub sector.

” For how long would our distinguished Senator allow serpents of Lucifer who surround him to control his heart and turn his attention away from light?

“It is time that Senator Abe shifted his gaze away from political jobbers who do not mean well”, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke noted in the statement.

“Politics is not war”, the statement continued, “It is a game and we pray that those who are  nudging the former Senator to stray from a dignified path would understand that no one wins all the time.

“Come back home Distinguished Senator; you have fought enough. A time comes when an understanding of prevailing circumstances shapes one’s vision. That time has come”, the APC statement added.

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