The APC has described the decision by the Wike administration  to spend  N500 million belonging to Rivers people on the Sokoto State Government as proof of its level of financial recklessness.

The statement issued in Port Harcourt today by the party’s Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke urged the elected representatives of the State to call Governor Nyesom Wike to order.

The statement noted, “Our attention has been drawn to the decision of Governor Nyesom Wike to spend scarce resources belonging to the people of Rivers State on the reconstruction of a market gutted by fire in Sokoto.

“We have also learnt that the Governor equally provided funds for the sustenance of victims whose shops were razed by fire.”

Wike had rushed to Sokoto as soon as the news of the fire outbreak which ravaged the market broke.

His donation of N500 million has led to widespread condemnations from inside and outside the State.

The CSO, a rights group, dismissed the action of the Rivers State Governor, saying there was no need for it for such a reaction.

Callers on different radio stations in Port Harcourt were equally hard on the Rivers Governor, with most calling him unprintable names.

The APC in its statement urged Governor Nyesom Wike to “tell the Rivers people who are shocked by his impulsive gesture under what subhead of the budget for 2021 he got the N500 million that he has doled out to the Sokoto State Government.”

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Apparently attributing Wike’s action to a political scheme, the APC declared, “The word is out on the streets that Governor Wike wants to serve as a Vice President under Governor Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State who is being touted as the next Presidential candidate of the PDP.

“Wike does not need to mortgage the common wealth of the Rivers people in order to satisfy his personal political ambition to continue in office after serving as State Governor for two terms.

“Neither the people nor their representatives have authorized such a needless and outrageous Expenditure”, the APC remarked,  insisting that “A day will come when Governor Wike would be forced to account to Rivers people.”

According to Chief Nwuke, “we think it is unfair for Governor Wike to continue to dole out Rivers money when Rivers concerns requiring funds have not been fully addressed.

“The State Secretariat Complex built by Alfred Diete Spiff has been abandoned and left to rot by the Wike administration.  Rivers Civil Servants are being made to work under extremely harsh, disgusting and fithy conditions.

“There is no light to power offices, no lifts to take workers up or down high-rise buildings, and no water to keep public conveniences clean.

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“Yet, we have a Governor who is busy throwing money in the air and using the People’s treasury to woo high profile persons in the country to his side as friends.

“Pensioners who served the State meritoriously in their youth and retired at old age are being denied the payment of their pensions and gratuities by a mean government that prefers to showcase Rivers money on the streets of Benue and Sokoto states when its own people are being told there is no money to pay legitimate benefits.

“Our people are finding it difficult to place food on their breakfast table. Their children who are graduates have no work while promises to create much needed jobs have remained mere promises.

“Rivers people with interests in growing  businesses of their own are not being empowered. With the same amount which Wike dashed Sokoto State, 50 persons of Rivers extraction who are supported through a grant or loan of N10 million each by their State Government, would contribute positively to genuine economic growth rather than the wasteful and reckless donation of N500 million which serves one man’s political interest.

“It is difficult to understand why Wike does not like Rivers people; and why he is determined to impoverish them and their families at all cost.

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“The misuse of scarce funds on ventures that will not benefit Rivers people however confirms what the Governor thinks about those whose votes he appropriated.

“As their Governor, Governor Nyesom Wike has no intention whatsoever of investing on anything that is capable of directly  uplifting the people that he presently leads”, the APC noted.