The All Progressives Congress has seriously  condemned the PDP for dispatching thugs to disrupt a lawful assembly of its supporters in Oyigbo Local Government Area.

The APC said in a statement issued by its Spokesman in Rivers State, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke that the attack took place in Ndoki While APC members were gathered at a meeting.

Sources in the area have hinted the Port Harcourt Telegraph that the PDP State Chairman who hails from Ndoki allegedly sponsored the attack in order to prevent the defection of over 400 members of his party.

We have learnt that the decampees whose exit from the PDP has enraged the party’s leadership are from Ward 3. Ward 3 is the home ward of the embattled State Chairman of the PDP, Ambassador Desmond Akawor.

Eyewitnesses have told the Telegraph that members of the Vigilante group known as OSPAC was involved in the attack targeted at the APC.

The APC statement disclosed that the act of gangsterism was perpertrated by persons led by a man identified by members of the APC in the area as Rambo.

The APC further alleged that Rambo whose real name is Chibuike Peters “is a PDP member that is linked with the embattled State Chairman of the PDP, Ambassador Desmond Akawor.”

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Part of the APC statement read, “We have been briefed by the leadership of our great party in Oyigbo that thugs dispatched by the PDP stormed a recent meeting called to articulate the way forward.

“It is shocking that desperation on the part of the PDP over the growing popularity of the APC in Rivers State, particularly in Oyigbo, has led members of the ruling party to contemplate violence.

“The Rivers people are free to make their own decisions. In this instance, many Rivers people are choosing to pitch tent with the APC.

“We have learnt that the APC in Oyigbo has not only reported the incident to the police, it has equally forwarded the particulars of the PDP thugs who were recruited to cause mayhem on the day of the meeting.

“We call on the State Police Command to launch an investigation into circumstances that led to the outbreak of violence at Ndoki, following the lawful meeting called by the APC, with a view to bringing to book, all who may have taken the law into their own hands.

“We refuse to be dragged into violence by anyone, but let it be known that the APC would take steps henceforth to protect its members from acts of intimidation by persons whose penchant for power is driving them crazy.

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“Politics shouldn’t be about violence. It is certainly about ideas. We urge our friends in the PDP to spend more energy in finding ways of convincing the people to see their point of view instead of adopting violence as a vehicle of intimidation.

“As a political party, the APC is happy with the gains that it is making. Our messages of hope and positive change at a time that the State Government is undermining the wellbeing of the people are being understood.

“This is why politicians of all persuasions, including those who were hitherto in the PDP, are dumping their political parties and teaming up with the APC.

“Despite efforts that are vigorously being made by the PDP to destabilize the APC in Rivers State, we assure the Rivers people who are praying for liberation that change will come.”

The Telegraph reports that the APC members regrouped after the initial pandemonium caused by the raid and received the decampees from Akawor’s Ward.