Symptoms of a raging feud within the ranks of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, which have been skilfully hidden from sight all this while, are gradually emerging in the open.

Those signs are popping up everywhere.

Violence, thuggery, bitter infighting, have suddenly taken the front stage as the PDP prepares for primaries that would produce candidates who would be flabearers in the forthcoming local government elections.

Heads are being broken, arms twisted and meetings disrupted, according to reports that are filtering in from the grassroots, as the PDP tries to absorb shocks and vibrations that are coming from the field in the wake of what is gradually looking like an internal revolt.

The PDP Secretariat in the State capital was attacked by angry PDP supporters who are unhappy with the antics that are being adopted by the leadership.

Eyewitnesses say people fled in different directions after what some think was an improvised explosive went off.

Recall that the head of a PDP member had been split at an Ikwerre PDP meeting, following disagreements over the selection process.

It would be the second time in the presence of a former governor that deadly fights would break out.

Last year, a National Assembly member was reportedly battered by a group of young men at a meeting when a fracas erupted.

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A mother has died a couple of days ago, following the sudden disappearance of her son who has been bent on contesting as a councillor under the banner of the PDP.

Observers say unfolding events within the PDP would turn out to be a major test for the Wike administration.

The party machine is being accused by furious members of working to impose candidates.

Insiders in the PDP allege that there is a growing feeling among party members that Government House may be playing a hand to subvert the will of the people and allow the emergence of preferred candidates.

The Telegraph had earlier reported that the Wike administration is under increasing pressure. Members of the PDP,  some of who spoke to this publication have been resisting the adoption of candidates by consensus.

We cannot confirm at this time if attempts by power brokers to engage aggrieved supporters of the party are yielding results.

It is evident, given the run of events that tension is mounting as politicians fight for political relevance.

With the attack on the party Secretariat, and the infighting which is taking place by the day, there are signs that the lines of division which may create long lasting cracks have been drawn.

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The Telegraph can authoritatively report that the State Secretariat of the PDP despatched one form each to each of the wards spread throughout the State.

In Ward 8 in Oyigbo when PDP members met, they are said to have discovered that there was only one form. The bewildered members later learnt that the said had already been hijacked. The meeting dispersed.

In Obio/Akpor where the council chairman may not be staging a comeback,  anger is welling among party men and women who are allegedly disagreeing with the choice of the person who is being touted as his replacement.

It is possible that the Okrika wing of the party may have arrived at some possible options on the way forward.

A video which has gone viral shows that at the Ulakwo Ward in the Etche Local Government Area, a councilorship candidate has emerged.

If all goes well, the Chairman of the council, Obinna Anyanwu may be one of the serving Council Chairmen who are likely to return.

In Ward 5, a candidate from Umuanyagu with an Okomoko mother has emerged. Observers say the choice of the candidate was in line with the zoning formula which exists in the ward.

But in several other wards spread across the State, sharp disagreements  are standing in the way of effective candidate selection.

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How the PDP would come out of the crisis of confidence that is currently rocking its foundation remains to be seen.

Analysts are waiting to see what the reaction of Governor Wike may be. For the first time in Wike’s eight year rule, the unity of the party which was one of its pillars is under threat.