Arsenal smash Newcastle, Man United, Liverpool to wait a while

Arsenal smash Newcastle, Man United, Liverpool have to wait a while

Arsenal Sunday afternoon claimed full points at Saint James against a Newcastle side that has been unbeaten in five.

Arsenal, largely in control of the march from the blast of the whistle, banged in the curtain-raiiser through Mohamed Elneny.

It was Mohamed ‘s first goal ever in the Premier  and a heart warmer for Arsenal fans who are looking forward to a success story in the Euros.

Arsenal who held unto a goal through out the first 45 minutes tucked the march away in the second, scoring another beautiful goal through Aubameyang, captain for the side.

Aubameyang rose the occasion, sliding through the air to convert the second goal of the match.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated match between Manchester United and Liverpool may commence a little behind schedule, following an incident at Old Trafford.

As at the time of filing this report, a meeting by the police which may pave the way for the encounter is currently underway.

Stern – looking policemen have already taken over control at the venue of Sunday’s match between the two big English clubs.

Should Liverpool triumph over the homers at the end of the encounter, Manchester City would be crowned League Winners.

Mother luck hasn’t been on the side of Liverpool of late, but the visitors are no strangers to Old Trafford where they have pulled stunning victory in the past.

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