Shepherds watching their flock Sunday evening left dead cows littered on the ground and fled from Urhodo-Ovu community.

Urhodo-Ovu is in Ethiope-East Local Government Area of Delta State.

They were chased away from the said community by thunder, according to what we have learnt.

Sources say the herders and their cattle who were taking refuge from the rain were gathered at a place that is well known as their muster point in the area when thunder struck.

Facts that are emerging after the heavy down pour say 12 cows were immediately struck dead.

Among the Fulani cattlemen whom some Nigerians suspect are armed with charms, the incident at Urhodo-Ovu came as a big surprise.

The incident is believed to have caused panic among the Fulani herders in the community who hastily left the slain cattle lying around them and fled the area.

Residents of the community are reportedly in a jubilant mood, following the hurried departure of the nomadic cattlemen.

Our information is that farmers in the area, worried by threats posed to their crops by the Fulani and their cattle are happy about the incident.