Developing story: Etche settlement under threat of Fulani attack

The people of Akpoku in the Etche Local Government Area have fled from their homes, following widespread suspicion that men suspected to be Fulani herds men are planning to attack the community.

Akpoku known in the past as Okomoko – Akpoku is one of the several communities that make up Mba Clan.

According to information reaching our news desk, many villagers started deserting their ancestral homestead Wednesday after clashes between farmers and herders led to the death of a cow.

By Thursday morning, the place was more or less like a ghost town, with many natives seeking refuge in neighbouring communities.

Nobody has launched a fresh attack since after the last encounter, but reports from the area say that the Akpoku people are rather apprehensive.

Similar face-offs have taken place at Abara and Elele at different times and the records show there has been strong herder reaction in Etche in the past.

Farmers in the area say cattle grazing has done severe damage to their crops,with some saying there could be food shortages.

Policemen from the Okehi Division were reportedly spotted in the community mid afternoon.

The Rivers State Police Command may have got a hint of the situation Thursday.

It may have established contact with the Divisional Police Officer in Okehi, according to a source, in order to ensure that law and order do not breakdown in Akpoku and its environs.

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