More than two months since Nyesom Wike, Governor of Rivers State commenced the commissioning of completed projects and the flag off of new ones, the National Chairman of the PDP has not shown his face on Rivers soil.

It is doubtful that the Rivers born politician  would ever walk into Wike’s den. Secondus is an experienced fox and a master of the game.

However, the non invitation of the National Chairman, close Observers say, prove that Prince Uche Secondus and Wike are yet to reconcile.

Wike is believed to be unwilling to support the return of Secondus as the National Chairman of the party.

Denied of support from his home base, Secondus who is backed by powerful forces within the party has refused to succumb to pressures that are being piled by Wike and his allies on the national stage.

An analyst who spoke to the Telegraph said “Wike and his allies think that the re-election of Secondus would be bad news.

“Wike wants more from the PDP than many can see and Secondus who was there on the road to 2015 cannot be trusted with delivering the new vision.”

With so much at stake, Secondus would be presented for a second tenure at the next PDP national convention by his backers.

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Obviously, Wike isn’t hiding his intention to play national politics. He is visible.

In reaction to growing suspicion that he is planning a presidential bid, Wike recently declared no one can stop him if he chooses to angle for the coveted seat.

He has similarly deployed the Grassroots Development Initiative, GDI, the political machine he relied on in seizing Rivers State in 2015.

Its members are currently mobilizing  support in all of the 774 local government council areas spread across Nigeria, according to reports.

Secondus holds the key to Wike’s political future.

His emergence would possibly end whatever ambition Wike has at the centre.

Besides, Secondus would be a stumbling bloc in Rivers State where Wike is secretly scheming to produce a successor.

As National Chairman, insiders say Secondus is most likely to set up teams that would conduct primaries when the time comes. This possibility, we have gathered, is unnerving Wike and others like him.

Insiders further hint that as Chairman, the list of the party candidates, including that which would emanate from Rivers State, would be forwarded to INEC by him.

Again, strategists working closely with Wike and other members of an emerging cabal think this is why removing Secondus from office would be absolutely necessary.

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Meanwhile, resistance to Governor Wike in Rivers State is growing. Despite making project flag offs and commissioning the centre piece of his administration, the plot to break the Governor’s wing is thickening.

It is not clear if Secondus who has a huge war chest is the one sponsoring the resistance.

Small groups are being formed and they are fast reaching out to like minds in a State that Secondus was a State Chairman of the party.

The actors who are ganging up against Wike, according to information reaching our news desk, include former council chairmen, some persons considered as disgruntled “higher ups within the party” and other persons who naturally can be considered very close allies.

“Secondus is on ground”, a party source told this publication, “he is keeping an eye on all that Wike is doing here. At the right time, Wike would find out the hard way.”

“Oga will not step foot at all at all! We are praying and waiting for the right time. The power of the occult that they call upon will not help. We come against them in the name of the Lord”, a man close to the PDP National Chairman added.