Governor Nyesom Wike has been accused of deliberately keeping away information on the total revenue generated in the past six years by the  River State Government.

The Government has also been indicted over its inability to provide the cost of the various projects embarked upon within the period under review.

The APC said in a reaction issued by its Spokesman, Chief Ogbonna Nwuke that the government under the guise of rendering an account of stewardship has succeeded in its plot to hoodwink the people by hiding away basic statistical data.
“Rivers people who gathered at the Obi Wali Conference Centre were interested in obtaining appropriate statistics relating to government’s income and expenditure for the first time since Governor Wike came on board.

“The people had similarly expected  sectoral breakdowns, complete with appropriate statistics showing how Rivers money has been spent in the last six years.

“The so-called brochure printed by the administration to showcase its account of stewardship was rather in short supply.

“We believe that this was a deliberate ploy by the Wike administration to deny the Rivers people a golden opportunity of having genuine access to credible information on how much came in within the period; how much has been spent by the administration; and how much is left in the coffers within the period under review”, the APC statement noted.

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The party regretted that the State Governor left important matters of state, particularly the issue of providing an account of stewardship, to stray into the murky waters of politics in order to play to the gallery.

In his presentation,  Governor Wike lauded his administration for doing a good job of its assignment, saying without providing figures, that the State is better today than it was six years ago.

He said that his government has surpassed whatever strides that any administration before it has achieved while in office.

Former Governor Peter Odili who was a guest concurred, stressing that Wike has emerged as the best Governor of the State.

But the APC statement which described the entire exercise as a sham disagreed.

It said the occasion was reduced to a mere political jamboree by the Government which was not ready to avail the people of the bare facts of its operations in the last six years.

“Our people have been hoodwinked all through this administration. Important documents of state policy such as budgets have been hidden from the prying eyes of the people.

“Our people were not given any insight into how the economy is performing. They were not told how many jobs have been created or how much has flowed into the State through direct foreign or local investments.

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“By turning the occasion into a political jamboree that would catch newspaper and television headlines, Wike has proved that his intention was not to render a proper account of stewardship.

“Rivers people want statistics to work with. They demand as of right that Government should keep them updated on all the facts.

“The fact that the media are carrying news relating to politics when issues pertaining to the economy should be in focus show that once again the Wike administration did not provide adequate statistics,  which could have caught the fancy of Journalists and other critics.

“Our conclusion is that the whole show about rendering an account of stewardship was a sham and an attempt to hoodwink the people into believing that the government is operating a transparent and accountable system”, the APC concluded.