… Senate Throws Out Electronic Voting

The House of Representatives has adjourned without passing the amended version of the Electoral Act.

Trouble broke out midway into the debate as lawmakers sharply disagreed over certain aspects of the Amended act on Thursday.

Nigerians watched in horror as the House of Representatives was split down the middle, a situation which led to a rowdy session and forced Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila to hurriedly adjourn the session.

Members are to re-assemble Friday at 10 in the morning to continue deliberations.

Our Correspondent reports that debates on the bill were polarized along North – South basis as attention focused on section 52 of the amended act.

Meanwhile, the Senate has voted without adopting voting by electronic means.

But there are calls for the National Communications Commission to brief members of both chambers of the National Assembly on the level of the nation’s digital preparedness.

We have learnt that leaders of the House of Representatives have stepped up efforts to calm frayed nerves as members get set to reconvene hours from now.

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