Port Harcourt has suddenly gone quiet, following what has emerged as the stunning victory recorded by the PDP National Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus over Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State.

Not much has been heard from Wike since the last war was fought in Abuja.

The PORT HARCOURT TELEGRAPH which has been monitoring developments reports that Anti – Secondus campaigners in Rivers State who have been calling on the Andoni born politician to throw in the towel are in a state of shock.

Their lips have been sealed, and their vociferous reactions tamed by the ‘giant killer’

Wike who had described Secondus as a serial lair, a fake pastor and an imposter had left the State capital for Abuja in readiness for the final fight.

Logistics required for the final push by Wike and his supporters were available; the plan to shoot down Secondus, portrayed as PDP’s public enemy number one, was apparently water-tight; and the coordination of the project manned by carefully selected party men, excellent.

In the end, it was not Wike’s growing visibility on the national stage which held out. It was Secondus who got the sympathy of the PDP establishment that prevailed.

By the time Wike slipped out of the venue of the meetings at Wadata House and the horsetrading which took place, a verdict had been arrived at.

Secondus may have lost eight weeks from what is left as his tenure as National Chairman to the pressure mounted by pro Wike forces, the governor’s gain has paled in significance, in comparison to the vote of confidence which Secondus eventually received.

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Prince Uche Secondus, one of the longest serving national chairmen of the PDP, would fulfill his dream of organizing the forthcoming National Convention of the party in October before he takes a bow.

Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum said while urging warring factions to come together, “There is no party to defect to; and there is no government to defect to.”

“All parties should sheath their sword in the greater interest of the PDP”, Tambuwal who spoke on behalf of the PDP Governors and other stakeholders remarked.

He also directed that “all processes leading to an early National Convention in October be immediately activated by relevant Party organs, especially National Executive Committee (NEC).”

Wike had made powerful friends as well as powerful enemies within and outside the PDP, but when it mattered most, those who were determined to stop what they see as the ambition of one man to reinvent the former ruling party ganged up against him.

Besides, Secondus had demonstrated maturity, refusing to be drawn into needless verbal war with the Rivers Governor.

There are similarly people in the party who vehemently disagree with claims that Secondus has not served well in office.

There are others who did not believe that disgracing him out of office was the right thing to do to a man who has more than 20 years experience in party administration.

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The National Chairman is certainly having the last laugh after a battle of wits.

Observers say this is one fight Wike will not forget. Secondus has left him with a deep political scar.

Insiders argue that the victory of the National Chairman over the Rivers Governor has demonstrated that many years of party administration under the belt of Uche Secondus at the State and national levels has not been a waste.

Wike has not resorted to the usual fireworks and threats that he is known for.

Among his supporters, there are fears that the succession plan in Rivers State may run into a brickwall.

So much is at stake at the national level where Wike is aiming to be a major player.

They include the eventual choice of the new leaders who would constitute NEC; the issue of who would emerge as the occupants of zonal offices across the country, and the question of who, out of possible frontrunners, would emerge as the presidential candidate and the vice in 2023.

Allowing Secondus who is accused of working in favour of Atiku Abubakar, a former Vice President and the presidential candidate of the PDP in 2019 to conduct the National Convention, still remains a chance Wike and his associates in the party are unwilling to risk.

It is obvious that Wike and his associates have no other option than to fight all the way. In doing so they would have their backs to the wall.

Although Secondus was accused of incompetence and fraud, some insiders say the power of an antagonistic National Chairman and how to neutralize him prompted the rebellion.

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“His adversaries”, a political analyst in Port Harcourt said “have somehow masked their real intent by accusing Secondus of incompetence, but their motive” he told the PORT HARCOURT TELEGRAPH “was to seize control of the party machine for their own purpose.”

Accordingly, the National Convention of the party which was originally billed for December this year would now take place in October.

Without an effective hold on the party structure, coupled with Secondus’ knowledge of the ropes, Wike may find himself in a tight corner.

Wike likes the idea of controlling party structures, those who know him say. Recall how by hook or crook, he seized the power structure of State PDP under Governor Rotimi Amaechi.

That project was achieved with the collaboration of Secondus, Dan Orbih and Felix Obuah who replaced late Chief G.U Ake.

This time, especially now that he is pitched against Secondus, who is more like a fox, Wike may face some difficulty.

He would have to deal with the hard truth, the fact that Secondus and not a caretaker committee, is in charge as the PDP plots a comeback.

In Port Harcourt, Wike’s supporters can only watch and pray as they struggle to shake off the shock which has left an ominous silence in the land.

They pray Wike would overcome the shock as well and lead them away from the ‘Egyptians’ who have seized control to the promised land.