Dimkpa, son of Alikor, thanks for drawing my attention to Tony Okocha’s comment. I haven’t had time in a while to savour such needless thrash, not to talk of nursing thoughts of responding to the usual invectives thrown at us by halfwits who probably believe they are being clever.

There are perhaps two kinds of people in this class. The boys who leave a trail of dangling modifiers which defy rules of grammar and engage laboriously in vernacular translations just to get words of abuse out on the social media on behalf of their masters who provide data bundles.

There are the so-called big boys who spin the web from behind. They are like the proverbial ostrich which believes it is hiding because its head is buried in sand.

Nonetheless, I have read Tony’s reaction, seen what he describes as a script driven by “self-imposed pity”. I have had the benefit of having a belly filled with laughter as a result. Laughter is something one cannot find off the shelf in a shop.

In these times, when men have very little to cheer; when the burden they carry can be seen on their faces;  and their grim faces are unwilling to allow smiles, or flashes of it as a result of high stress levels; laughter is turning increasingly into a scarce commodity.

It would thus, be impolite, if I do not acknowledge Tony for offering me a rare opportunity to have  a good laugh. I don’t know if you would be the one to convey my warmest regards to Tony, my dear Alikor. Truly, he’s managed to bring laughter to my lips. The more I think of it, the more something tells me I should really be the one. Accordingly, I have opted to step into the arena.

The man, I mean Mr. SHIBBOLETH is empty. You see, he keeps using that word every time he refers to me.…Oyibo as we would say in Pidgin English! Na him best be dat ooo!!
Should we respond to him? How can I respond to such a man who talks insistently about the foolery of others.

He must be the Solomon of our time. Tony would want the rest of us to look at him as a wise man. There is nothing wrong with that. It is his right.

We are Africans and I am sure Tony is too, and so he knows, if he is properly grounded, that when one is pointing at others with a finger, the remaining fingers are pointing at the one who has stretched an arm.

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Let’s get down to business.

The courts up to the highest in the land had ruled that those who bought forms should be accorded the opportunity to participate in the congress which took place.

That’s the case Tony set out to make. It would appear from the way Tony framed his thoughts that he imagines that he was talking to a gullible public.

Tony wants the world to believe that the APC has once again ignored the courts in the sale of forms which were required by all those who had a legitimate quest to serve or participate in the last congress.

Going to town with this point perhaps (and I have seen flashes of this line of reasoning on the social media from the boys), was the clincher for him. I can imagine Tony beating his chest. Those in the APC ought to be boxed into a corner!

There is however, no basis for any claim that the APC disobeyed those directives that were painstakingly issued by the Supreme Court.

Rational minds and I hope Tony is one of them, do not imagine that in taking their position as respectable courts, that those who were the beneficiaries of court judgments would not be required at the appropriate time to provide valid evidence of payments made before picking up the said forms.

The instrument of transaction required as proof of payment before forms are issued are the bank tellers that Tony copiously referred to in his recent comment.

Banks do not issue photocopies of transactional instruments. They issue originals. Those who obtain such instruments are expected to tender them.

What was the difficulty in presenting original copies of the aforementioned bank tellers to the committee? Is Tony inferring that those who approached a duly constituted Committee set up by the National Secretariat of the APC, with originals of bank tellers were denied forms?
Where should the burden of blame lie when it comes to the acceptance of financial instruments? Should it be on the officials who demanded appropriate proof for their records in line with established convention? Or should the burden lie squarely on the shoulders of those who came to the Committee clutching photocopies? Chai! Na who do us dis tin?

I shall be waiting for Tony who knows so much about the foolery of others to provide much needed answers.

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Prior to the conduct of the APC’s ward congresses in Rivers State, my very good friend, Senator Magnus Abe addressed the press.

It is not for me to recount all that he said on that occasion. But it is important to note that Abe said he and his supporters would not take part in the congress.

Abe’s position is on record for crying out loud. Has Tony forgotten about this fact? Does he need to be reminded of this?

The question to ask is, if Tony obeyed the directive issued  by his superior commander, did he choose after that public declaration to participate in the process, to warrant his claim that materials meant for the exercise were taken to private homes?

Most of us, including journalists were in the field on the day of the ward congresses. It is true that party members turned out in their numbers at various centres where the exercise took place. They were spotted in their neighborhood participating actively in the exercise.
Members of an Appeal Committee took the stage thereafter. They heard complaints and dealt with them. I am certain Tony who has elected to suffer from selective amnesia may have decided not to acknowledge that fact.

The man doesn’t seem to understand that the ward congresses have been won and dusted. At the time the ward congresses took place, there was no obstacle on the way.

So, his party, if he’s still a member, has set up the base at the grassroots. Do I need to drive that home with a sledgehammer? What did friends of Abe who are in court mean by another congress in the matter which is yet to be assigned? Why wouldn’t men like Tony acknowledge the truth for once?

What’s done is done. Tony should learn to deal with the substance of a matter rather than its imagination.

May be it was senseless to include H.A Bello in Nwuke’s tirade😃😃😃 to paraphrase Tony’s remark. Does it hurt when you expose the fact that there is a parallel, something nobody is looking at, something which suggests that what may be seen as two opposite poles from a point of view may be one and the same?

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That’s the purpose of communication. To the extent that what Nwuke said appears to have caused a bit of discomfort in Tony’s brain, forcing him to react, then communication was either effective or effected.

Will you blame Tony.. I mean Mr. SHIBBOLETH..if he chooses to go after the strawman technique as a tool?

My dear Alikor, tell Tony when you find him, wherever you find him, that we still dance. What he wants is an injunction to stop another action. Why is he and his likes so petrified when it comes to stepping into the ring? Why do they think hugging the courts is the best way of showing strength?

Haba! Give me a break joooor!! Tony should go look for the room where he removed his boxers o jare. I am not part of his problem, tell him that my dear Alikor when you find him. Shikina!
Being clever by half in no way makes a man clever. I don’t think that the original owners of the English language intended such an understanding. By trying to be clever by half, Tony and people like him only expose inherent weaknesses.

I have heard women ask men at a time of great emotion in Pidgin English, “You too be man?

Given, the fact that God has created me a man in His wisdom, I am at a loss as to what kind of comment to make if it comes to answering a rational question like this.
But I need to say this to Mr. SHIBBOLETH before I wrap up. I am not an easy target as he thinks. I may have strayed into politics and learnt the code of silence.
However, it is not the same when he dangles a pen before me. I have literally lived with the pen, chewed on the pen some of the time, and delivered strong personal opinions when I have thought it necessary.

I have fought wars with the pen. I do not fight in chat rooms or on Whatsapp platforms. I do so in the mass media.
Thus, Mr SHIBBOLETH is free to take me on. I am absolutely ready. Step into the arena. Come, Tony come. I am waiting.