2 Reasons Wike and Secondus are fighting dirty

Reasons why the National Chairman of the PDP, Prince Uche Secondus and Governor Nyesom Wike are fighting are gradually creeping into the open.

Facts that are emerging suggest there are possibly two major reasons why the fight between the two men is taking a twist for the worse.

Wike and Secondus do not  appear to share the same view when it comes to the zoning of the party’s governorship ticket in Rivers.

Whereas Wike probably wants the governorship to remain in the Upland, possibly in the Rivers East, Secondus is reportedly backing the emergence of a candidate from another zone.

The three Rivers Senatorial Districts are delineated in such a manner that each of the zones have Upland –  Riverine combinations.

Uplanders from the Rivers West and the Rivers East Senatorial Districts have served as Governors since the birth of the new Rivers State.

They are Governor Peter Odili (Rivers West) Governor Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers East) and Governor Nyesom Wike (Rivers East).

The Rivers South East has not enjoyed the benefit of producing a Governor despite strong bids  from the Senatorial District.

The Riverine people spread through the three Senatorial districts believe they are being shut out.

Their leaders, they say, supported the emergence of an Upland Governor after Nigeria got ready to return to democracy under the last military administration led by Abdulsalami Abubakar.

Some Riverine leaders disclose that their leaders played prominent roles in ensuring that after the Odili administration,  an Ikwerre man was allowed to clinch the governorship.

“The fight between Wike and Secondus was bound to take place”, a high ranking PDP member disclosed.

“When Wike finishes his tenure, the Upland would have occupied the office of the governor for 24 years . Yet, there are signs that Wike is plotting to bring in another Upland candidate.

“Secondus on the other hand is insisting that power should shift to the Riverine in the interest of fairness. On account of this, Secondus has been accused by pro Wike supporters of planning to install his brother.

“We are all Rivers people. If Wike says he is not scheming to handover power to another aspirant from his tribe, the same way he is unleashing unknown investors on the State,  let him speak up. He should tell the world the truth. Why is he shadow boxing?”

Well informed sources say that if Secondus emerges as the National Chairman,  Wike’s plot would be shattered.

As National Chairman,  Secondus who hails from the Riverine would be in a powerful position to prevent Governor Wike from achieving his ambition to hand pick a successor.

This major disagreement over the governorship in 2023 is basically the foundation for the ongoing war between the two combatants.

There are however some party men, especially those who say that the National Chairman reneged on an agreement reached between him and the Rivers governor.

Some of these persons belong to the extended political family controlled by Wike and his friends, which comprises members of the PDP from the South West, South East and the entire North.

Nobody close to the two men has revealed what the agreement between bother men is.  Secondus and Wike have also not said anything about the most secret agreement that is being kept away from the  public glare.

But Wike and Secondus assisted by Chief Orbih and the PDP machine headed by President Goodluck Jonathan had toppled the aspiration of Late Chief G.U Ake, an ally of Rotimi Amaechi, to remain in the saddle as the elected Chairman of the PDP on the road to the 2015 elections in Rivers State.

Close associates of Prince Uche Secondus claim that Wike has equally failed to fulfill the terms of an earlier  agreement reached after the political coup against Amaechi and his supporters in the PDP succeeded.

Many Riverine politicians may not like the face of Secondus but they agree with his principled fight to ensure power rotation.

A survey conducted by the Port Harcourt Telegraph reveals that support for a Riverine candidate in 2023 exists among non Uplanders who are serving under Wike.

They may be waiting for the appropriate time, from what we have learnt, to express their position on state matters, including the governorship.

“Where I come from, we eat yam when it is cold. We will not say anything now”, a PDP member hinted the Telegraph.

“We know that this man (the governor) is deliberately  creating sharp divisions among Rivers people by his acoins and utterances”, the man added.

The fight between Prince Uche Secondus and Governor Nyesom Wike  is escalating by the day. They have moved from the field to the courts and back.

Yet, there is no end in sight despite efforts by the David Mark panel to end the rift between both men.

Both gladiators are holding strongly to their various positions in a way that has left many party leaders worried about the future of self-acclaimed conservatives in Nigeria.

Secondus has reportedly assured the David Mark panel of his cooperation, but it is doubtful that he has committed to a withdrawal of cases in court by his supporters.

Wike’s side is accusing Secondus of working against the long term interests of the South and saying that his handling of the party has led to the current predicaments that it is facing.

Secondus a few days ago dismissed some of the claims by Wike and his associates and said they were like a bunch of frustrated persons.

In the meantime, the fight goes on, with the two men perfecting strategies that are expected to give them an edge in the struggle.

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