Governor Bello Masari of Katsina State yesterday admitted that most of those who are masquerading as bandits and tormenting  Nigeria are Fulani.

The Governor who was on Channels TV acknowledged that banditry had become a serious issue.

But he said Nigerian troops  are progressively dealing with the threat posed by those who occupy the forest.

The Governor observed that the bandits who are currently disturbing the nation and killing defenseless citizens “are not aliens.”

“They speak the same language like me;  they worship the same religion like me; they live in the forest and a great majority of them are Fulanis.”

The Katsina governor said he was not afraid to say that persons who are causing mayhem under the guise of banditry are Fulanis.

He described the bandits as poorly educated persons who consume intoxicants and again defended his earlier position that citizens should get involved in defending themselves.

“If somebody has come to slap you, will you not raise your hand to protect your face?”, the governor queried

“It is my opinion”, the Governor told Seun,  “people should defend themselves. If you carry a stick, I should be able to carry a stick”, he noted.

He however refused to say if he was clearly encouraging ordinary people to own guns.

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On open grazing, the Katsina State Governor stated that his administration was taking steps to come up with a law that would be respected by all.