Top players drawn from the Peoples Democratic Party, Nigeria’s largest opposition party, will in a few hours from now sit round the table at Wadata Plaza to discuss matters of interest.

A crucial meeting of the National Executive Committee, coming against the backdrop of a flurry of meetings and conversations at various levels, is expected to take place behind closed doors.

Two major issues are likely to steal centre stage when the PDP meets. They are the party’s zoning system, which would determine who gets what, and the forthcoming national convention that is planned for the end of October.

Both are tied for instance, to the future direction of the Democratic Party and what likely shape, the 2023 race would take.

Thursday’s meeting is already attracting national attention. It is possible that nations which have enormous interests in Nigeria might be monitoring events.

Next door, the APC appears to have nailed it. Power would swing to the South, if a shift in opinion does not occur.

In the PDP, it has been a matter of great debate, bitter quarrels and painstaking negotiations.

What will the PDP do? That’s the question on the lips of Observers across the country.

Will NEC go along with the recommendation proposed by the Ugwuanyi led zoning committee?

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Would the gathering of PDP’s top brass throw the selection process open?

No one is sure in which direction the PDP would pull. Stakes are rather high.

But by the end of Thursday’s meeting, the PDP which hopes to replace the APC is most likely write its place in history.

There were sighs of relief as the party planned its NEC meeting, following disclosures that the Ugwuanyi committee is leaning heavily on the idea of power rotation.

Most from Southern Nigeria are hoping PDP’s NEC would ratify the proposal. They would however, have their fingers crossed most of the time until a decision is reached.

In the meantime, the plan to host the National Convention in October is gaining serious traction.

In the states where leaders are preparing for the convention, arrangements to bring delegates who are waiting in the wings to perform their role have reached advanced stages.

Somehow, initial disagreements within the PDP have been largely overcome.

The looming image of Uche Secondus and the worry it brought to the tables has seemingly reduced.

How the PDP deals with contending interests, especially the issue of its presidential candidate, would send appropriate signals.

For months, Southern Governors have been piling considerable pressure on political parties in the country to zone the presidency to the South.

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There has been some resistance from Northern governors who appear this time, to have lost control of the dynamics that are leading to increasing calls in support of the emergence of a Southern president in 2023.

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State said a few days ago in Port Harcourt that leaders of the party, including serving governors, are working round the clock to make sure the party is more united than ever.

Governor Aminu Tambuwal who has emerged as one of the few strong voices within the former ruling party will be rallying his colleagues to adopt certain agreed positions as Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum.