The Rivers State Chapter of the PDP has written off  the APC, saying Rivers people have no faith in the endless promises of its leaders.

Ambassador Desmond Akawor, State Chairman of the PDP said in Port Harcourt that the APC which has no foundation in Rivers would be blown away soon.

Akawor also disclosed that the PDP has proved through the way it managed its National Executive Committee meeting that it has the requisite experience and drive to win the 2023 elections.

“The peaceful way that our party handled the NEC meeting”, the PDP State Chairman noted, “has proved that we have learnt great lessons. It shows that we are better united, focused and determined to salvage Nigeria.”

Part of the statement issued by Ambassador Akawor on his return from Abuja read:

“In Rivers State where Governor Nyesom Wike is doing a great job, more and more Rivers people are becoming convinced that their faith in the PDP has not been misplaced.

“The APC should admit that it is passing through a difficult period. Strong members of the party are leaving their ranks and joining us. Many more are expected to join.

” No one individual owns the PDP. We have a leader who listens to superior arguments. We understand what it takes to be democratic in our approach to governance.

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“The PDP is happy to have a leader like Governor Nyesom Wike. Under his leadership, we have witnessed transformational changes and seen our party grow from strength to strength because of his charismatic leadership style.”

Akawor observed that the time has come for Rivers people to ignore the APC, saying leaders of the party are masters of deception.

“Our opponents do not practice what they preach. All they know how to do is deceive their followers.

“See where they have brought the country through false promises”, the PDP Chairman added.