100 days in office: Anyanwu begins commissioning of projects

Hon Obinna Anyanwu, Chairman of the Etche Local Government Council will today, Friday 13th October, 2021 commence the commissioning of projects.

This is part of activities outlined by the Council to mark the Chairman’s 100 Days in office.

Six projects are billed for commissioning under what is obviously a first phase.

The Port Harcourt Telegraph has learnt that there are 14 projects on the whole.

According to an itinerary released by the Etche Local Government Council, the projects commissioning will begin in Afara, Ward 1

Today, the Council Chairman would commission a health centre designed to meet the primary health care needs of the people of Afara.

Thereafter, attention would shift to Ulakwo 13 where the Council Chairman would commission a 500 KVA transformer.

The transformer would serve the power needs of Umuokom and Okpodim communities.

On Monday, 18th of October, the council would commission the Community Primary School, Umuocham/Umukweke in Ndashi Ward 17.

The commissioning of Ihie Modern Market is expected to take place on Wednesday, 20th October while the commissioning of the Comprehensive Secondary School at Akwa in the Akwa/Odogwa Ward is billed for Friday, 22nd October.

The itinerary shows that the Community Primary School, Umuine in Igbodo would be commissioned on Monday, 25th October.

Hon Anyanwu would conclude activities under the first phase of projects commissioning by performing the foundation laying ceremony for the reconstruction of Community Primary School 1, at Akwu-Obuor in the Okehi Ward.

We have learnt through credible sources at Afara, Umuokom and Okpodim that the people of the communities would be turning out enmasse to receive the entourage of the Council Chairman.

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