Smarting from the invasion of the home of Justice Mary Odili of the Supreme Court, Rivers people have warned, “Enough is enough.”

Issuing the warning on behalf of the Rivers people yesterday, Governor Nyesom Wike said the people of the oil-rich State are disturbed by the incessant raids conducted by agents of the Federal Government at the residence of the Odilis.

“We are gathered here not as a party”, Wike remarked while speaking at the Transcorp Hilton, venue of a crowded press conference, “We are gathered as Rivers people.”

Governor Wike revealed that Rivers leaders of thought, including elders and elected representatives were gathered to draw attention to the alarming situation.

“Why will the raids be at night”, the governor who is transforming into the new face of democracy in Nigeria queried.

Describing the trend as sinister, Wike said “we want the world to know” that the Rivers people would “hold the Federal Government responsible” in the event that anything happens to the Odili family

He hinted that the incessant raids on the residence of Justice Odili began after a ruling of a Supreme Court Panel, which ousted the victory of the APC in Bayelsa State.

The Rivers Governor observed that denials by the Federal Government have not stopped the night raids sponsored by operatives of the system.

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He also disclosed that Dr Peter Odili whose international passport was seized by the authorities was away in Port Harcourt when the incident occurred.

“Is it when the person has been killed?” Wike asked, that the Federal Government would properly unravel who is behind the unwarranted raids on the home of Justice Mary Odili.

“So, you should now give us (Rivers people) that confidence”, the Governor noted.

“Make us to believe that surely this your denial, you are in order. And by saying so, having denied, look at actions you have taken.”

Reports pouring in suggest that information by a whistleblower whose name is Aliyu Umar might be the architect of the latest raid carried out by unknown persons in uniform.

Given denials by the office of the Attorney General of the Federation as well as other pertinent security agencies, it is difficult to understand why the raid was carried out in the first place.

“Infact, what I thought was that by now”, Governor Wike stressed that “the Chief Magistrate would have been invited for interrogation.”

“How did he (the whistleblower) blow this whistle?”, Wike asked while addressing the press.

“It is as if I knew”, he said of his comments at the just concluded annual General Conference of the NBA which harped on the intimidation of judges by security agencies, “that this would happen.”

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On that occasion, the Rivers Governor observed, “Autonomy is also allowing them (judges) to do what they are supposed to do without you intimidating them.”

“Autonomy” Governor Wike explained means to “stop using the security agencies to influence them on what to do.

“Allow them to perform. Allow them to work according to the law and not to tell DSS to come and meet a judge and say look, we hear this is what you people want to give as judgement on this matter.”

Meanwhile, the NBA has cried out over the embarrassing raid carried out at the Abuja home of Justice Mary Odili.

It said the idea of targeting judicial officers by the executive is completely unacceptable.