Siege on Odili residence: Police arrest suspects, leave more questions unanswered

Initial concerns that members of the squad who stormed the residence of a serving Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Mary Odili, may have been on a mission to kill have gained some credibility.

The Police on Thursday gave credence to such a possibility after it announced the arrest of 14 suspects.

Frank Mba, the Commissioner in charge of Force Public Relations denied while briefing the press that the suspects have any link whatsoever with agencies associated with law enforcement.

The Police Spokesman however admitted that the alleged crooks were able to secure an order of court, with which they raided the residence of the second most senior Justice of the apex Court.

He revealed that there were still other members of the rogue group on the run and assured the police would not rest until they are made to answer for their crimes.

The disclosure made by the police has come as a huge surprise, but somehow, it fits with claims advanced earlier by various security groups which have denied involvement in the raid.

However, a man who claims to be a consultant to the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami said he has always worked for the Attorney General.

He explained on television that he had no instruction from the Minister to invade the home of Justice Odili.

Malami on the other hand has dismissed claims that he has a consultant that is serving as part of his team.

It is obvious the last has not been heard from the police which is seemingly treating members of the gang as a group of impersonators.


Rivers people who addressed a news conference in Abuja expressed serious indignation over the siege laid at the residence of the Justice.

They said on that occasion that they suspected the move made that fateful Friday may have been an assassination attempt.

In Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, the Federal Government was asked on Thursday to come out clean.

The State Government through Governor Nyesom Wike insisted its federal counterpart must take convincing steps to exonerate itself of complicity in the matter.

Wike was speaking at the commencement of the new legal year in the State.

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