A roundtable discussion on the future of Edo State which lay the foundation for 30-year development plan is currently ongoing in Benin City.

Participants drawn from government and the organized private sector are putting heads together as we report, to examine the extent of the journey so far and similarly make projections which would point the future.

Delivering the position of the Edo State Government moments ago, Governor Godwin Obaseki who took his place at the podium said “Edo will be great again.”

“Edo will be great again because the Edo people want Edo to be great again”, Obaseki insisted, saying, harnessing the human resource base has become a strong factor in the defining the future of the State.

Promising that government would be run transparently, Governor Obaseki said in the last three years government has embarked on the route to a Renaissance in Edo.

“You don’t have to be the child of a Senator or His Royal Highness to have access to a job”, the Governor remarked.

According to the Governor, “We are here to assure ourselves that the future is bright.


“The money to do it (investment) is here. It is not a challenge. The real challenge is the thinking” that is required to drive the process.

He assured that the River Port project envisioned by his administration may turn out to be one of the most significant Ports in Nigeria.

Obaseki said his administration was leveraging on oil Palm development in a bid to restore a great past and build future that would draw inspiration from Agriculture.

He thanked stakeholders for coming together to put an action plan, saying in respect of Edo’s future, “We will dream without having nightmares.”

Obaseki stressed that Nigeria is not working because the civil service and the beaucracy is not working.

He said the future of Edo would run on an E-platform and Technology, adding that about 10,000 persons would be exposed to training in software engineering in the next five years.