There are rumbles within the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State, following the decision of APC leader to reconstitute the party’s topmost leadership structure.

Those rumbles are getting louder and louder by the day.

Within the APC, there are increasing calls by party faithfuls for the rejuvenation of the party’s structure

Insiders who spoke to this publication reveal that the APC is not only polarized, it is largely unstable, given the infighting that is going on.

“The way the opposition is at this time, they are not in any position to confront the PDP.”, a political strategist noted.

“The APC is in disarray”, he observed, “It will take a lot of reengineering to get the party back on its feet.”

Most appointed leaders at the LGAs who have been coordinating the activities of the party at the grassroots have been thrown into a state of confusion by the new directive which has emanated from the table of the State leader..

Telegraph findings show these appointees of Rt. Hon. Rotimi Amaechi who operate what looks like a cult movement are facing stiff opposition from other party leaders.

Our findings indicate that most of the so-called LGA leaders, chosen against the run of play, have no regard for elected party officials.

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They have been reportedly busy emasculating party executives at the LGA level by appropriately taken over the role of elected party chairmen and intimidating them.

For the first time in years, most local government leaders appointed by Amaechi have their backs to the wall.

Most are not likely to make it back to the Apex where decisions are taken.

The reason, according to information that is emerging, is that party caucuses at the rural areas have been empowered this time around to choose who will represent them at the apex level.

There is, from the run of events, a conspiracy against the class of party leaders who have held sway at the LGA level; a conspiracy designed to end years of their tyrannical manipulation of party affairs.