Governor Nyesom Wike Tuesday reiterated he is not worried about the arm-twisting tactics of the Federal Government.

Wike who was in Bori on the occasion of Ogoni day swore he would not sell off the people of Rivers State in pursuit of wealth, affluence and influence.

“I’m not afraid of the Federal Government”, Wike intoned while delivering a fiery speech.

“We know the Federal Government”, the Governor asserted  saying that under his watch, he has succeeded to defend the interest of the Rivers people.

“Today, everything we have done here and quote me what I have said, I don’t want anybody to go and write anything I didn’t say.

“What I am saying today, I will say it tomorrow and say it next tomorrow”, Wike declared.

He said the greed of the Niger Delta people and the division which exists among them has been largely responsible for the way the Federal Government and the nation have treated affairs relating to the minority question

Wike revealed that the Niger Delta people, especially their elected representatives and appointed officials are not united.

“The Governors are not working together, the Ministers are not working together…

“Let the Niger Delta people hear me and hear me well”, he further stressed.

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According to him, there are huge ethnic differences within the Niger Delta, with some from the Ijaw nation inferring that others within the region are not core Niger Deltans.

Wike accused present day Ogoni leaders of abandoning the aspiration of the founding fathers of the Ogoni struggle, saying the Ogoni day which is held annually has transformed into a money spinning event.

He urged them to come together in order to salvage what is left of the struggle, warning that it would serve no good for the Ogonis to target their own leaders on account of divergent political interests.

President of the Ijaw National Congress, Professor Benjamin Okaba hailed the Ogonis for their tenacity in pursuing the agenda established by the Movement For The Survival of the Ogoni People, MOSOP.

Former President Responsible For Draconian Laws Against Niger Delta 

President of Ijaw National Congress, Prof Benjamin Okaba speaking at the Ogoni Day Celebration which held in Bori


Professor Okaba who declared the 30th edition of the Ogoni Day open berated former President Olusegun Obasanjo for saying that the oil and gas of the Niger Delta region does not belong to the ethnicities found their.

Describing the utterance of the former President as unfortunate, he said Obasanjo was responsible for draconian policies that were designed to rob the Niger Delta people of their heritage.

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He commended the Ogoni for what they have brought to the table, saying their sacrifices have helped to draw attention to the deprivation suffered by the people of the Niger Delta.

How We Fought

Also speaking, Barrister Ledum Mitee, one of the foremost leaders of MOSOP acknowledged that the absence of a team spirit among the Ogoni leaders was gradually stunting some of the progress made in the past.

Barrister Ledum Mitee, former MOSOP President at the Ogoni Day event in Bori

Mitee who recalled Ogoni leaders were killed and thrown into prison by agents of the Nigerian state noted that 30 years ago, the name Ogoni became a metaphor for the struggle of minority groups all over the world.

He said that 30 years after the flame of Ogoni liberation was lit, suspicion and undue rivalry have created serious gaps among the people

Mitee urged Ogoni political leaders to work for the unity of the ethnic nation, saying it was still not too late to take the Ogoni struggle to the zenith.

Senator Barry Mpigi echoing calls for unity

Senator Barry Mpigi observed that despite the struggle to elevate the Ogoni nation, the Ogonis were still backward in terms of development.

He said that the time has come for the Ogonis to unite and tackle developmental challenges facing them.

The Senator assured the Governor that members of his team are very much intact and thanked him for the projects that he has brought to Ogoniland.

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Joi Nunieh, former Acting Managing Director of the NDDC spoke of the place of women in the struggle for the liberation of Ogoniland.

She said she was glad to stand where the Ogonis stood 30 years ago to proclaim of Bill of rights which rekindled the spirit of Ogoni nationalism.

Nunieh who described herself as the only surviving Gbene, disclosed that the founder of the Ogoni nation was a woman.

She assured that Ogoni women would continue to pioneer the Ogoni struggle and thanked Governor Wike for saving from the onslaught of the APC led federal system.