2023 Presidential Race: Atiku To Study Field Reports

A report likely to determine if the former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar will join the presidential race in 2023 has been forwarded to him.

The report contains data obtained from the field, including reactions from stakeholder to calls on the immediate past PDP presidential candidate, to throw his hat into the ring.

Chief Raymond Dokpesi who led the group on a tour of the country handed over the TEECOM Report to Atiku on Thursday.

Receiving the report, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar remarked, “Today, I received the report of the High Chief (Dr) Raymond Dokpesi-led TEECOM.”

Atiku said that the team “undertook a consultative tour of the country as part of the process to seek stakeholder feedback on calls for me to join the presidential race.”

Atiku is yet to formally declare his intention to run the 2023 race on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Atiku, Tinubu… Two men that may be sidelined by age

Political observers believe the  business mogul and experienced politician would make his next move after carefully studying the document in his possession.

While some of his admirers are urging him to enter the forthcoming race, most, particularly youthful elements, are pressuring him to put his weight behind a younger aspirant.

Dokpesi has himself come under attack, especially from Southerners, who are saying he has no business urging a northerner to contest the presidency when power is expected to rotate.

Meanwhile, Atiku has paid glowing tribute to General Murtala Mohammed, describing him as a hero and visionary leader.

The former Vice president who took to his Twitter handle to eulogise him credited the late leader of conceiving the plan to indigenize the economy and build a new federal capital in Abuja.

He also recalled how Murtala delivered the Africa has come of age speech at a summit of the Organisation of African Uniity now African Union, AU.

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