Umeonyirioha, takes study of Igbo language to newer heights

One of the world’s foremost universities, the Oxford University in the UK is to commence the teaching of Ibo language.

It will be the first time Igbo will be taught as a course of study in such a high brow institution.

Igbo studies would commence next week while the name of the first Igbo lecturer at Oxford to teach Ibo language is Emmanuel Ikechukwu Umeonyirioha.

It also reflects the university’s effort to make the learning of more African languages part of its curriculum.

“It is official that I am the first official Igbo Language lecturer at the number one university in the world, the University of Oxford”, Emmanuel Ikechukwu Umeonyiroha hinted on Twitter.

“Our induction happened today by Marion Sadoux, Head of Modern Language Programmes, University of Oxford Language Centre.

“This became possible on account of the James Currey Society. This is the first time Igbo language will be taught at the university. History has been made”, Ikechukwu noted.

Umeonyirioha.. Opens new window of opportunity to the Igbo and the world.

According to him, “First class starts next week Thursday”, that will be in a couple of days from now.

The first lecture which would last one hour will take place on 12 Woodstock Road.

“I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity. I promise to make the Igbo language and culture known to the world” Umeonyirioha stated.

Igbos in Nigeria and those resident in the diaspora are jubilating as the news spreads.

Reacting on Twitter, Dr Onyeka Nwelue declared, “This would be the first time Igbo language will be taught at the university and will be handled by Emmanuel Ikechukwu Umenyirioha.”

Fayth @fayth__ had this to say, “I am super proud of this. I forsee a gateway to lots of historic moments to be made. Congratulations Sir! Congratulations Ndi Igbo!!”

Oxford University

“You have immortalised your name – You are an immortal. Posterity would remain grateful for the good things you have done and the ones you are about to do”, Onyedekachi Onwe @kachiOnwe6 said on Twitter of Emmanuel Ikechukwu Umeonyirioha.

Chuksdegreat_Personafied @ceedegreat05 added, “Thank you so great, for championing this world breaking Record of  IGBO Historical course #Igbo  Amaka everywhere!”