Nigeria’s latest presidential aspirant on the platform of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Governor Nyesom Wike says he  is not prepared to watch from the sideline while Nigeria burns.

The Rivers Governor who was a guest on Politics Today broadcast Monday on Channels Television said: “As a man who loves this country, as a man who is committed to the development of this country, you can’t be standing aloof, seeing your country sliding the way it is sliding”

It was disappointing, Wike stressed, that the APC has grossly deceived Nigerians and failed woefully to tackle corruption issues.

“I want to become Nigeria’s President”, the Governor explained “because one, we are in problem.”

“I want to offer myself to the people of this country to solve such problems”, he stated.

“As Governor of Rivers State, I solve problems…should we just close our eyes and allow this country to go the way it is going? I say, no. So I’m going to offer myself, so I can contribute.”

Wike whose administration moved against the spread of the mystery black soot early in the year said he has the ability to solve Nigeria’s insecurity problems.

The Rivers Governor hoped the PDP would responsibly embrace zoning and urged its leadership to ensure that power shifts to the South.

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The Governor described as selfish, those who are desperately kicking against the zoning principle.

But he assured that he would end his presidential bid if the PDP zones its presidential ticket to the North.

“I am a very sincere person. There is nothing that can make me, because of power, violate simple agreement — whether it is written or unwritten; that makes you a gentleman,” he said.

“Just as I am today, if the party says they are zoning it to the north, I have no problem.”

“I will not run”, Wike remarked again, “I will obey the party, but what I don’t agree with is for people to say that there should not be zoning.”

“For me, that is why I have never left this party since 1998. Every decision must not be good to you. What is important as a party person is I believe in the party.

“The party has given me everything. I won’t because of the decision leave the party. I won’t do that.

“It is your belief in the party. I have no other place; I have no other party to go to. I cannot leave my party”, the Governor added.

As part of ongoing efforts to address zoning, the PDP recently inaugurated a 37-member committee to make a recommendation on its presidential ticket.

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On Sunday, Wike formally announced his intention to participate in the 2023 presidential contest.